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  1. short cake

    Sample Contamination

    Does it contaminate a sample vile if you touch the opening with a new/clean glove?
  2. short cake

    Out of state temp jobs for new grad nurses

    Hi, So "temp" to me would be six weeks or less. I wasn't looking to move anywhere (housing and travel would need to be covered by the program) Thank you for your response!
  3. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knows of any temp jobs that are allowing new grads to work out of state? My only requirement is that the program would have to pay for housing and travel to the location, however, I would strongly prefer if the position was paid. I know that there are many opportunities for nurses to work due to the pandemic, however, I'm having trouble finding ones that are open to new grads, and will pay for housing if you're out of state I appreciate any advise!
  4. I’m a nurse in Washington state where it’s required that nurses work 531 practice hours per year in order to keep their license active. Having spent a couple of months unemployed, and currently being on medical leave, I won’t be able to meet those requirements. What will happen to my license if I can’t work the required number of practice hours? Any advice or guidance is really appreciated!
  5. I was recently fired from my first job as a nurse during the first two months of my new grad program. Basically I was fired because I couldn't handle patient care on my own even though I was only taking care for 1-2 patients (by no means was this for bad behavior, or due to a poor relationship with anyone in the facility). I don't know what to do or if I am even capable of feeling at the moment. It's not like I wasn't given coaching/warnings. I simply couldn't handle the job as far as time management/prioritization/knowing how to complete tasks. Any advise? As much as I want to, I don't know if I can/should even continue nursing from here because it's not like I was fired for disobedience or anything like that (which I would honestly find easier to handle)...
  6. I graduated in December and FINALLY found a job (residency program that will start in May). Since it's been a while since graduation and I haven't been doing anything even remotely nursing related for the past 5 months, I'm wondering what I should be doing now to better prepare myself. Any advise is greatly appreciated!
  7. I recently got hired at Swedish hospital on a med/surg unit. I'm required to take a pre-employment health screen and am worried that I won't pass because I am very weak/unfit (however, this has never been a problem during clinicals), and have a baseline low blood pressure/heart rate that providers usually find quite alarming (but is my norm).
  8. short cake


    Thanks for your response! That's really what it seems like is happening, one of my classmate's cohorts actually got canceled due to covid-19 because they need the preceptors to spend more time on the floor...
  9. I FINALLY got accepted into a residency program on a GI/oncology unit. I'm extremely excited, however, the program doesn't start until June, and I graduated in January. Any advice for what I should be doing in between now and then? I really don't feel like I can wait that long, however, I know that it's the right thing to do.
  10. I graduated about four months ago and still don't have a job. I'm feel so pathetic/helpless though having a license and not being of any help with the disease. Does anyone know of ways a licensed nurse can volunteer services during the pandemic? (Other than social distancing) Thanks!
  11. I graduated close to four months ago and have had a lot of difficulty finding a job (literally applying to everything with only a few interviews, all of which were rejected). Meanwhile I know that the Covid-19 has made hospitals even more desperate for health care workers than ever before. I'm wondering though if perhaps their desperation is more for experienced nurses only because they are so overwhelmed with the virus at the moment that they don't want to bother with new grads? Any input?
  12. short cake


    Hey, I really need some advise on how to get employed after nursing school with no medical background/experience I gradated in December, and have literally applied to at least 30 jobs (I'll take literally any position at this point but would prefer medsurg) by now but still no offer (just a couple of interviews / rejections). Its been close to four months already and I'm feeling really hopeless at this point! Is this normal? Also, while I know Covid-19 as created an even higher demand for nurses, could this be that it has also made it even harder for new grads with no experience to get a job? I would really appreciate any advise / input!
  13. hmmm to be completely honest, the listing doesn't specify (it only states the position as "acute care" while others have listed theirs as "med/surge")
  14. I am a recent graduate without any medical background. I completed my senior practicum on a med/surge unit, where to be honest, I had a lot of difficulty succeeding (while I did pass my preceptor told me that she thought I could use more experience as my performance was still lacking and wasn't quite what she had seen from other students). Is it a terrible idea for me for apply to an acute care position?