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  1. I graduated about four months ago and still don't have a job. I'm feel so pathetic/helpless though having a license and not being of any help with the disease. Does anyone know of ways a licensed nurse can volunteer services during the pandemic? (Other than social distancing) Thanks!
  2. I graduated close to four months ago and have had a lot of difficulty finding a job (literally applying to everything with only a few interviews, all of which were rejected). Meanwhile I know that the Covid-19 has made hospitals even more desperate for health care workers than ever before. I'm wondering though if perhaps their desperation is more for experienced nurses only because they are so overwhelmed with the virus at the moment that they don't want to bother with new grads? Any input?
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    Hey, I really need some advise on how to get employed after nursing school with no medical background/experience I gradated in December, and have literally applied to at least 30 jobs (I'll take literally any position at this point but would prefer medsurg) by now but still no offer (just a couple of interviews / rejections). Its been close to four months already and I'm feeling really hopeless at this point! Is this normal? Also, while I know Covid-19 as created an even higher demand for nurses, could this be that it has also made it even harder for new grads with no experience to get a job? I would really appreciate any advise / input!

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