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  1. amus180

    Resume and Cover Letter Critique

    Hi, Thank you! which resume do you think would be better? I had 2 forms
  2. amus180

    Resume and Cover Letter Critique

    Hi, I'm a new grad looking for a job in the city. I attached a resume and cover letter (without sensitive information). I had an older fashion resume but someone helped me make a new one. I'm not sure which one is more intriguing to hospitals. Can anyone critique them? From any nurses, recruiters, or nurse managers, etc. Thanks! Cover Letter.docx Older Resume.docx
  3. amus180

    Mount Sinai NYC New Grad

    Hi, How many positions did you apply for at Mount Sinai? I recently heard if you apply to more than 3, you get blacklisted so now I am concerned because I applied to 6!
  4. amus180

    New Grad Nurse in NYC

    Hi, I'm a recent grad that just moved to the city and just started my job hunt. Any advice are welcome as well as any recommended hospitals to apply for!
  5. amus180

    New Grad Jobs

    Hi, I'm a new grad looking for an RN job! I'm interested

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