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  1. I tried the PVT and it didn't work for me. Also, I have started working on the SATA because that is one of my weak areas.

    Thanks for your suggestion!

    1. Delilah


      No problem. It’s ok, you’ll pass! We both will ! Good luck to you ! 

    2. dalgo11


      Thanks for the support!   We can do this!

  2. Delilah

    Failed NCLEX twice!

    Did you pass?! I hope you did! Treat select all supply questions as True or False questions and remember that whatever the question is you have the orders from the doctor already. That's what helps me a lot on those now. S&S can be hard but try to remember whether the S&S will cause the patient to go UP or DOWN. YOU GOT THIS!!!!
  3. Delilah

    Failed NCLEX twice!

    Thank you so much for the positive feedback. I will definitely try what you suggested : ).
  4. Delilah

    Failed NCLEX twice!

    I graduated nursing school in 2017 and took NCLEX 2 months later. I did not feel prepared but I tool it anyway because my instructors and others were telling me to take it because everything is still fresh. I practiced questions because that is what everyone said to do. The day comes and I'am a nervous wreck. All I could hear is my heart beating and felt like I was going to pass out. I couldn't focus and ended up getting all 200+ questions. I knew I had failed. I tried the PVT trick a few hours later and then "BOOM" it asked for my credit info. I got my results and of course I failed. I was devastated but I knew I didn't have a chance, I messed up. I waited a few months which ended up being the next year 2018, but tried UWORLD, SAUNDERS and MARK KLIMEK. I sat for it again and I wasn't as nervous as the first time , but I didn't feel confident. I'm answering questions and it shuts off at about 125. I waited a few hours and paid for the quick results and "BOOM" I failed. I've taken some time off after that and felt very defeated and just lived my life and worked. It is now 2020 and I'am ready to tackle this again. I'am going over content from my school notes/books and from mark klimek, practice questions and getting a better understanding of answering NCLEX style questions with Youtube and just focusing more and telling myself I can do it and I will pass this. Hopefully I can come back and say I PASSED!

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