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  1. UBC 2021

    No one knows how they scored/ what number they got if they were directly accepted into the program. UBC only tells you your score if you got placed on the waitlist or if you got rejected. I was on the waitlist last year (and was eventually of...
  2. ECG reading help?

    I'm taking an online specialty course on ECG reading, and the teachers/ tutors aren't very helpful. Is the attached picture a representation of atrial fibrillation? I think it must be because of the irregular and fast ventricular rate and the absence...
  3. UBC 2021

    So exciting!! I'm sure it wasn't a mistake - maybe the letter gets sent a bit later? You could always email the nursing advisor (Akiko?) to double check. Just a couple more spots then it'll be my turn next (hopefully)!
  4. UBC 2021

    Congratulations!! That's so exciting for both of you ?
  5. UBC 2021

    Congratulations on getting into UWO! I'm still on the waitlist for UBC, but from my understanding, those who have been accepted have already registered for courses. Not sure about the deposit. You could double check the UBC BSN website for the p...
  6. UBC 2021

    Congrats on your acceptance this year! And yes, any seats that do come available at this point would be from people giving up an offer that they had already accepted. I find it hard to believe people would do this, but apparently it happens. I g...
  7. UBC 2021

    OMG! Congratulations!
  8. UBC 2021

    @bbbeee, I saw that you private messaged me, but it's not letting me respond for some reason (no send button). Fingers crossed that more people get off the waitlist this week!
  9. UBC 2021

    We'll see! ? Do you have a plan B? If I don't get in I'm planning on just retaking my A+P because they'll be too old for next year (I took them right out of highschool - hard to believe it's already been 5 years!). I'll also take some other pre...
  10. UBC 2021

    I was #36, which would put me now at #10 - definitely on the edge of what's historically accepted! But I like to think that there's always hope ?
  11. UBC 2021

    I'm thinking there may not be any more movement in the waitlist until the end of July/ beginning of August. In previous years it seemed like people would get offers in the middle of June, and then there wouldn't be any movement for a few weeks, and t...
  12. UBC 2021

    I hope you hear back soon! At this point I'm just wondering how many more spots are likely to open up... To those who are already accepted, when do you have to pay your tuition/ deposit by? I'm thinking a couple of seats may become available aft...
  13. UBC 2021

    Scrolling back through this thread, it doesn't look like the remaining waitlisted people in the 20s (#27-#29) are members here/ posted about their waitlist number. @Ejane, it looks like you're #30? Have you heard anything from UBC?
  14. UBC 2021

    Really!? You must be ecstatic! Congratulations! You must have gotten an acceptance too?
  15. UBC 2021

    I hope you hear soon! ? I also thought that the waitlist has been moving quickly this year. I was so surprised/ disappointed when the admissions coordinator told me that the waitlist movement has been slow though. It's moving much faster than I ...