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I've heard that it's quite hard to get a RN job in Alberta, but I don't know if that's still true.

I'm an emerg RN in BC with the specialty certificates. I'm thinking about moving to Alberta in the next year or so (open to other provinces too, but I'm an outdoorsy person and I like Alberta's lower taxes).

I'm open to working anywhere in the province/ would actually prefer a more rural location (not 100% in the middle of nowhere rural, but small town vibes). 

I've heard that the best way to get a job is to "get your foot in the door". Would it be wise to do travel nursing out that way first to get familiar with the managers/ see which hospital I like best?

Any recommendations for emerg units? The unit culture/ staff is very important to me. My current workplace has an amazing and very supportive/ welcoming group of staff and managers, so I'd want to be in a similar type of situation.

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