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Hi folks,

I am a mom of two toddlers - 3 and 1yo, and I was wondering if there are any moms out there who successfully completed NP Program. And if you did, how old were your kids? 

I am thinking of waiting until my youngest is 5 yo, so both of my kids will be in school full time. Hoping that it will give me more time to study. 

Also, after being an NP, was it easy to get a job near your home? I like my kids school and neighborhood and would love to stay here.... I reside in BC. 

My last question - is work/family life balance better as an NP? Can you end earlier so you can go pick up kids....and maybe chart from home? (I'm interested in primary care clinic). 


Thanks so much in advance! 

Hi started a full-time DNP program when my oldest had just turned 1. I do work PRN, probably averaged 25 hrs a week until I started clinical. I went on to have two more babies throughout the program. I took off one semester when the second was born but I didn't take any time off with my third.


I think the hours flexibility depends on the job that you get. It can be challenging to find a job, so you need to be open to many specialties. 


You had 2 more children during the program! Amazing, mama! 

When did you find time to study? After the kids are in bed? I don't send my kids to daycare. Thus I was thinking to wait until both of my kids are fully in school.

Which province are you? Do you find that as an NP, your work hours are more flexible compared to when you were an RN? 

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My daughter was 9 when I started my NP Program. Her being in school/afterschool was helpful since I was also working and had to complete clinical hours. But I would like to mention that she was 1 when I first started my nursing journey as an ADN student. Not sure of your situation, but I was a single mommy most of that time so needing to provide a better life for her was my motivation.

I live in MS and it was not difficult obtaining employment near my home. I have also done telework, which is wonderful as a parent! 

My home is my priority so I knew that once I became an NP I would only accept positions/assignments that gave me freedom to choose my days/ far I have been blessed in this regard!


Hope this helps.

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