Any Nurse from Toronto, ON who has done NGG program before: please help me out!!

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Hello everyone,

I have a few questions to ask today. Currently, I finished my BScN program, and will write my NCLEX sometime later this year. I live in East Toronto, so both Scarborough Health Network & Michael Garron Hospitals are my closeby hospitals. I commute by public transit as I don't have a car of my own.

My questions are related to the New Graduate Guarantee (NGG) program:

  1. At either of these hospitals, if you did do a NGG program, how was your overall experience?
  2. Lets say your mentor wasn't that great, were you able to switch mentors?
  3. At SHN, let's say I wanted to work in General/Centenary sites, can I do my NGG at both?
  4. Can I request specific units at these hospitals? I don't prefer to be in a float/NRT pool
  5. How does the rotation of units work? Is it like 1 unit for a specific month, then you move to next?
  6. What were the ongoing professional development training opportunities you received while in the NGG program?
  7. How was the interview? What were some examples of questions they asked, what should I focus on?
  8. Do you recommend the NGG at your hospital? How were the staff, work-culture?
  9. Is the pay the same as the new RN's salary?
  10. What are other NGG programs in Toronto that nurses would recommend?

I look forward to hearing from anyone

I think alot of your questions are very specific and I think you'll get the best answers if you were to ask them in your interview. I think your main focus would be applying to the hospitals you would want to work at and not to worry about the small details until you get the interview.

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