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Surfin_Nurse has 5 years experience as a LVN and specializes in LVN.

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    How is nursing school during COVID?

    Thank you Ayanna for your response! I wish you the best of luck as you continue and finish this step in your path. Your perseverance doesn't go unnoticed and will be one of your strong suits as you move forward as a nurse 🙂 good luck! & CONGRATS on getting to the end! I myself just finished my last prerequisite to start applying for RN school. I am hesitant on applying this application period due to the change to online learning. As you said, you feel hindered or challenged that everything is online, and I agree with you. Thank you for your response!
  2. I am curious how nursing school is during COVID, please let us know your experiences. Are you taking all lecture classes online? Does your clinical sites allow students? if not, what are they substituting clinical's with? Do you feel like you are losing the experience that you need to be a successful nurse? How are you and your fellow nursing students overcoming the challenges faced with COVID?

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