How is nursing school during COVID?

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I am curious how nursing school is during COVID, please let us know your experiences.

Are you taking all lecture classes online?

Does your clinical sites allow students? if not, what are they substituting clinical's with?

Do you feel like you are losing the experience that you need to be a successful nurse?

How are you and your fellow nursing students overcoming the challenges faced with COVID?

Ayanna93, BSN

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I am in my last semester of nursing school, taking critical care... class ends August 4th 2020

Since March when COVID started we had to move to online learning. Test are proctored By honor lock to prevent cheating and browsing the web during the exams, honor lock makes us do a room scan and everything.

Clinical’s are also online with a combination of virtual simulations, essays, videos, quizzes, care plans and we meet via ZOOM for pre and post conferences with our clinical group and clinical professor.

Though the school is doing the best they can , to provide us with relevant information and “real life” clinical experiences, there is nothing like being in the actual clinical setting. Especially with critical Care! I currently don’t work in the medical field so, I look forward to clinical because it is the only time I am in the hospital Setting. In my opinion, there is no online assignment that can be given to better prepare me to be a nurse, because I need to be on the actual floor! Ughhhhh but that’s COVID for you LOL

Some of My classmates feel they same way I do, some don’t because they currently work in a hospital setting.

There is a strict attendance policy at my school that we still have to meet. We are not allowed to miss more than 2 days of lecture or our grade drops. So for lecture The entire cohort meets once a week via zoom for about 2-3 hours. (P.S it’s about 30 of us)

I am in the Philadelphia/NJ Area so hospitals are not letting students in at all. I plan to apply for a nurse residency program which seems to be great especially with my lack of hospital experience!

wish me luck ?
Cause I’m going to need it! LOL

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Thank you Ayanna for your response! I wish you the best of luck as you continue and finish this step in your path. Your perseverance doesn't go unnoticed and will be one of your strong suits as you move forward as a nurse ? good luck! & CONGRATS on getting to the end!

I myself just finished my last prerequisite to start applying for RN school. I am hesitant on applying this application period due to the change to online learning. As you said, you feel hindered or challenged that everything is online, and I agree with you.

Thank you for your response!


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Hi Ayanna, what school did you go to ?

Ayanna93, BSN

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Surfin_Nurse - No problem! I know you are hesitant about applying but there is no telling how long COVID will hinder things, so I would go for it. Good Luck on your future endeavors! Thank You!

nurseblessie - I go to LaSalle University.

On 7/24/2020 at 3:42 PM, nurseblessie said:

Hi Ayanna, what school did you go to ?

Lasalle University