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cue.eyeroll BSN

Pediatrics, Critical Care, Women's Health
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cue.eyeroll has 5 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Pediatrics, Critical Care, Women's Health.

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  1. cue.eyeroll

    Hopeful School Nurse!

    I will be interviewing for a school nurse position soon. I'm curious what a school nurse would do if and when the district goes virtual or distance-learning. Any guidance would be great! Also, hi!
  2. cue.eyeroll

    CVOR: How many nurses to an OR?

    Thanks for posting a comment Rose Queen. I'm considering a new job in an adult CVOR, and I'm told they are short on staff and have been running the heart rooms with 1 circulator and 1 scrub. It'd be an entirely new adventure for me if I accepted, so I just had no clue if that was a bad situation or not.
  3. cue.eyeroll

    Adult CVOR to Peds CVOR

    Hi. Can a nurse traveler with adult CVOR experience accept assignments in pediatric CVOR?