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Hey CA nurses, Okie nurse here:

A little background on me: I have my RN license in California already, since I lived out there for about 6 years.  I moved away before working as a nurse in CA, though. 😞

Anyway, I want to move back!  I've applied to several "open-call" emergency department RN positions at Kaiser hospitals in the Sacremento area (Roseville, Vacaville, Sac...even Santa Rosa!).  I've been working in a minor emergency/urgent care department for the past two years.  I'm transferring right now to a typical level II emergency department, while I continute to apply to Kaiser in Sac.

My question, if it has an answer, is: do you think Kaiser would count my two years in a minor ER/urgent care toward their requirement that applicants have one year in an ED? I also have 7 years experience as an RN (critical care pediatrics and then public health). I don't think any of the Kaiser's I've applied to is a trauma center at all, so I'm a little hopeful. 

Thanks friends.

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