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    DUI in Illinois

    Hello all i made a HUGE mistake and drove after a couple drinks back in November. I was pulled over and blew a 0.11. It was my first (and LAST) offense. The court part is over. I got 6 months probation. I was informed that self reporting is much better than having the board find out on their own, so that is what I did. I’m currently just waiting to hear back from them. I’ve turned in my original statement, and my court docs. I’m an LPN right now, and just about finished with the RN portion of school. I’m a nervous wreck that my license is going to be taken away from me, maybe even forever! Hopefully I’m overreacting. Does anyone have any experience with the Illinois board with a dui offense? PLEASE don’t lecture me of the dangers of drinking and driving. I have never felt more remorse for anything in my entire life. I live with the guilt daily.

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