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  1. Abuse Accusations

    I agree. I definitely will not be back. I believe it was a personal attack, as I was the only one suspended and there were 2 CNAs also involved. The previous administrator (who got demoted to HR) does not like me because I spoke my mind to her and ...
  2. Abuse Accusations

    I hired an attorney yesterday. She says if what I’m saying is exactly what I put down on the chart (which it is) there should be no reason I would lose my license over this. I am currently writing my narrative and am going to send a copy t...
  3. Abuse Accusations

  4. Abuse Accusations

    I have actually texted my administrator twice now, once Saturday and once today, and he has not replied to me. I feel I have the right to stay in the loop, but maybe I’m wrong . he did text me on Friday and said “everything will be alright”, but ...
  5. Abuse Accusations

    I’m suspended from there. Should I contact the state or the board myself to see what I need to do to protect myself? Or just wait and see what happens?
  6. Abuse Accusations

    One of the CNAs that was on duty at the time was interviewed and she told the administrator exactly what happened. I just hope me using the word “ignore” didn’t just cost me my license.
  7. Abuse Accusations

    Thank you so much for your reply. I will definitely write down everything I remember. I also have a copy of the behavior note, and I really feel confident in how I worded things. I guess I should have just left out the word “ignore”. I hope this...
  8. Abuse Accusations

    I was at work a couple evenings ago and had a resident continue to ask for toilet paper, which is a common behavior for her. I went into her room and saw that she had a full roll and I advised her that she had enough for the evening and that once I ...
  9. DUI in Illinois

    Good luck to you and I’m here if you need to talk. I understand how scary this is!!
  10. DUI in Illinois

    Hi! I did self report before my final conviction. I had a lawyer but not one for professionals. If it’s your first one you won’t be required to do inpatient rehab. But of course if you feel you need that, by all means do it!
  11. DUI in Illinois

    Hello all i made a HUGE mistake and drove after a couple drinks back in November. I was pulled over and blew a 0.11. It was my first (and LAST) offense. The court part is over. I got 6 months probation. I was informed that self reporting is much ...