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  1. Good evening. Everyone I am trying to get into an ADN the nursing program At Temple; my GPA is 3.0 without taking my HESI A2. In my science classes, I have a B, but my composition is a C. Other courses are A and Bs. Should I apply and see what hap...
  2. Is it normal for nurses to enjoy hunting??

    I'll get back to you on this David FR. It's finals week. I must turn on my coal-powered computer and take the horses to the drinking hole my entire town makes use of. Another day in the life of a simple non westernized folk. "little house on the prai...
  3. Is it normal for nurses to enjoy hunting??

    Growing up in a Budweiser Nascar kinda family, I hated it growing up too. However, I went to a survival school later on in life and found those skills important. I feel sorrow for the animal, but I find it respectful because understanding death and w...
  4. Is it normal for nurses to enjoy hunting??

    As being a caretaker or healer I was wondering if it is mostly fround on by most nurses.
  5. Is it normal for nurses to enjoy hunting??

    You answered the question I just was wondering if it was in the realm of a social norm within the field and what hobbies do you enjoy??
  6. Look I am not a nurse yet I have about a year left in my program and god willing I can sit for the NCLEX. However, I love hunting and fishing do you guys enjoy Hunting or fishing and do you ever have time to go??
  7. Trying to Get along

    So its tough to get counseling, and my issues are not severe. I'm loosing hearing in my right ear from a flash bang grenade going off next to it I think but I do talk to a military counselor on campus everything it helps I lost a good friend to suic...
  8. Trying to Get along

    I read over your post, and thank you so much for responding. It is a petty problem properly considering what you have been through. I learned to put on a mask in the Marines, seeing my buddies get hurt and being in sometimes crazy *** situations. I a...
  9. Trying to Get along

    No super solid advice exactly what I was looking for. I read it and I'm gonna listen to that advice. Seriously thank you for giving me feed back.
  10. Trying to Get along

    Thank you
  11. Trying to Get along

    So I just got out of the Marine Corps last year and am in an ADN program. The issue I'm having is working mostly with a lot of Men all the time. I am enjoying working with a lot of women. I have had a lot of terrible experiences with women. Growing u...