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  1. FutureNurseJen

    CUNY SPS/ Online Courses

    Hey guys, I was wondering if there was anyone taking online classes at CUNY SPS and knows if their transcripts say that the courses are online? I've heard that some schools don't display if the classes are online or not. For example, on my undergrad transcript, online classes that I have taken did not say it was online. But since CUNY SPS is primarily for online classes, I don't know if that would be different. Has anyone had this experience as well? Thank you!
  2. FutureNurseJen

    Seeking ADN advice

    Thank you guys so much for the responses! I definitely appreciate you all taking the time to help me out. I was becoming really discouraged as I know this field does not come easy. I have emailed most of the programs I am interested in to get a better perspective on retakes and the competitive grades. Just waiting for responses now as it is a busy time due to the holidays. Happy Holidays btw!
  3. FutureNurseJen

    Seeking ADN advice

    Hey guys! So I recently graduated with a Bachelors in human biology and am interested in going the nursing route. Unfortunately while I was in college, I didn't do so well in some of the science courses such as getting C's. Where I have even retaken them and gotten C's again. Originally, I was going to apply to ABSN programs but am realizing that the requirements are really competitive. I've been thinking about applying to ADN programs in NYC instead even though they are still competitive. Based on your knowledge and experience, do programs usually take the higher grade or average? Should I retake the classes such as Chemistry and A&PII (since they are common pre-reqs) a third time since I had gotten C's? And would you recommend that I take them online this time around? I know that every program is different but I would like to hear different opinions on this subject as well. Thank you, it means a lot!

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