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Hi everyone, 

I am currently a student in an ADN program and was wondering if I could get some insight on MSN programs. My ultimate goal is to become a FNP. But I am a bit confused from my research on MSN programs as majority of the online programs are to pursue degrees as nursing educators. If anyone can give me information on the path I should be taking in terms of becoming an FNP that would be very much appreciated! 


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From what I know, there are a couple of ways to get an MSN. There's the direct course of going purely on nursing throughout or deviating a bit and then going back to nursing.

There are ADN to BSN accelerated programs if you're thinking of going to school right after you finish getting your ADN degree.  From there, you can go apply for a MSN the traditional way. Alternatively, if you decide to get a bachelor's in something else, there are ELM programs, which allow students who have a bachelor's in another degree other than nursing to take the prerequisite classes and get their MSN right after.  

Best of luck!