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  1. Critical Thinking Skills

    Hello Hppy, I see. We do not have those labs, but discussing scenarios with my cohort sounds like a good idea. Some colleagues feel the same as I do, and I can give this idea a try with them. I will also propose this idea to the director as well...
  2. How to Ask Nurse Practitioners for a Interview

    Okay, I will try what you have done. I joined a group a little while back. Hopefully I'll get someone to help or at least a lead. Thank you!
  3. Critical Thinking Skills

    Hello Honyebee, Thank you for replying. Quick question: what would my director of the program be able to do to help with critical thinking? Unless you mean to say that I should speak to the director to create an open communication between ...
  4. Critical Thinking Skills

    I want to get a gauge on how students develop their critical thinking. Although I do my readings, take practice tests using multiple systems and websites to understand the material and prepare for exams, I still get poor marks. The professors do not ...
  5. Hi! I'll be honest, you're describing exactly how I'm feeling. What's more is that it's hard to gauge how the entire class is feeling without anyone talking, let alone disclosing their true feelings and performance. Our perceptions of what it se...
  6. How to Ask Nurse Practitioners for a Interview

    Thank you for answering back. How did you introduce yourself to the nurse? I'm not in a facebook group or anything of the nature. Would going to hospitals in-person be worth a shot?
  7. Hello! I am a nursing student who is assigned to ask questions to a registered nurse, but I am not sure how to introduce myself. I don't know anyone personally nor do I work in a clinical environment. Does anyone have any tips? Any advice...
  8. Hello! I am a nursing student who has an assignment to ask a Nurse Practitioner for an interview and ask them a few questions about their job and the current work environment. Neither I nor my colleagues know any NPs personally. As someone who d...
  9. Tips To Stay Awake While Studying

    Just like most of the good colleagues here, I do a reward system for myself. For example, for my finals, I studied for about 2 hours and got to have a 30 minute break to do an activity (ex. walk around the block, make myself some tea and watch funny ...
  10. How can I be a better nursing professor?

    Hello! Current nursing student here. In addition to the advice previously mentioned by our colleagues, there comes a delicate balance of letting students learn independently and how much information to give. From experience, I appreciated the te...
  11. allnurses' netiquette

    I see. I was under the impression the conversation was strictly referring to social media and other virtual communication outside work given that the first sentence said something along the lines of negativity being "here and there". Since we're onli...
  12. allnurses' netiquette

    Hello Davey! First, thank you for bringing up this post. You just found the million dollar question of communication in an era and place where people from different places, backgrounds and experiences all meet up to express their opinions and fi...
  13. Increase in School applications?

    To my knowledge, the amount of applications have increased. Not by a lot, though.
  14. Please Help! RN to BSN or RN to MSN?

    If you want to go the cost effective route, go RN-to-MSN if you can. You'll save a lot of money and you usually get a BSN along the way. Researching for 100% online schools will be a good place to start. Haven't heard of any, personally but to be fai...
  15. RN to MSN

    From what I know, there are a couple of ways to get an MSN. There's the direct course of going purely on nursing throughout or deviating a bit and then going back to nursing. There are ADN to BSN accelerated programs if you're thinking of going ...