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Heartbeat2BLPN has 3 years experience and specializes in Long-Term Care, Med/Surg.

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  1. Hi all, I recently had a daughter who was stillborn at 33 weeks. No reason, it just happened out of the blue. After further investigation, she had already been passed away at my last OB appointment 3 weeks before I went into labor and they didn’t notice. I developed a uterine infection as a result. I was told the lack of movement was normal in the 3rd trimester. I recently went back to work on a med/surg floor and just hate my job now. I can’t stand being around sick/dying for another second. I feel like nursing is making my PTSD/anxiety/depression worse. Did anybody leave nursing after a horrible personal experience? I just don’t know what to do now. It takes everything I have to not call out each and every shift, even though it’s only 3 times a week.
  2. Heartbeat2BLPN

    Maricopa CC Traditional 2020 Fall

    Anybody get placed for fall yet? My time stamp is May 2018, I'm still waiting anxiously.
  3. Heartbeat2BLPN

    University of Arizona BSN Interview- Any Advice?

    Sorry I have no experience, but I am wondering what your stats were? I am located in Gilbert and I did not know they had a program out here. Do you have to take organic Chemistry or just the basic intro to chem? I can tell you my interview experience with Pima Medical Institute for their RN program. They asked why I wanted to be a nurse, what was I going to do once I was a nurse to elevate the profession, what I thought a problem in nursing today was, and then a few behavioral/job interview style questions like what did you do when you had a conflict with a patient? (I was a CNA). Hopefully U of A has similar questions.
  4. Heartbeat2BLPN

    Math Placement Test

    It had a lot of domain/range and graphing stuff. Not a whole lot of simple algebra equations. But, it changes difficulty depending on how well you do. I scored enough to get into statistics and those were the questions I got. I also had some log questions and some geometry.
  5. Heartbeat2BLPN

    Chamberlain College of Nursing Sacramento May 2020

    I'm thinking of applying...the cost is holding me back though.