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    Internal transfer

    Hello, I'm looking to transfer to another unit within my organization. However, I signed a sign-on bonus (in which you can pay back when you decide to leave). I think it was offered due to hard to fill in position at a time. Would that be an issue if I decide to transfer to the other unit? Not necessarily concern of paying it back rather the politics of transferring. Also, I'm not sure what the transfer policy is at my organization. I'm a little attentive as it might notify the manager with the application. The reason I would like to transfer is that my long term goal (NP) would make more sense to this other job role. Any suggestions/advice? I know transfer policy can very from organizations. Thanks for your response.
  2. tsidnaleri


    Can a patient still aspirate with a long term tracheostomy in line? The patient is in vegetative state. It gets a toothbrush suction orally few times a shift. Would like to get your knowledge regarding this since a colleague told me to tell another colleague to make sure to suction it twice a shift when it saw there was a build up on it’s mouth. I was thinking that the patient had another episode of secretions after the previous shift left. I wanted to get the right info before I discuss the situation further. Thanks

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