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LucidMonkeyCCRN has 6 years experience and specializes in Critical Care.

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  1. LucidMonkeyCCRN

    UTMB AGACNP Fall 2020

    Yes plz! In light of COVID19, I think we need to remain all connected via social media because this may impact our orientation etc. How do I find it?
  2. LucidMonkeyCCRN

    UTMB AGACNP Fall 2020

    I saw that, and its also a new "law". *NP schools must find a placement or risk losing accreditation* However, if there aren't any preceptors, then there just aren't any. I hope UTMB does a good job with this and has built rapport and relationships with surrounding clinics/health systems. This is why I chose UTMB, also it's brick & mortal kind of school, much more reputable. Crossing fingers here, staying hopeful.
  3. LucidMonkeyCCRN

    UTMB AGACNP Fall 2020

    Have you heard anything about how UTMB helps us to find preceptors? I was accepted into AGACNP, but my biggest fear is that NP programs are notorious for finding students clinical placements, I wonder how UTMB compares?
  4. LucidMonkeyCCRN

    New England

    My boyfriend and I are really interested in the New England area: Does anyone practice as an NP in the “New England” region of the USA? What is the cost of living? Compared to NP salaries? Overall Quality of Life? Working conditions for NP? NP job outlook? Do you enjoy the New England area? What would YOU consider to be pros and cons related to the New England area in general AND in relation to as an NP. I am from Houston, TX.
  5. LucidMonkeyCCRN

    Nurse vs respiratory

    They were unprofessional, yes. However you should have paged the RT if the patient was truly in distress and asked courteously about the breathing treatment, healthcare is a joint effort and based on your story it sounds almost as if you feel like you swept in and saved the day, which is a mentality some nurses carry. If the patient was in respiratory distress as you say, then either way RT should’ve been made aware... you know considering they are the RESPIRATORY therapist. This doesn’t take away from the RT mistakes -late documenting -Unprofessional But you’re the one here asking for our thoughts and so I will also tell you my opinions of your actions. I think that an attempt to contact the RT would have prudent. ESP if they were in distress, I mean you didn’t even mention letting them know AFTER the fact either...
  6. LucidMonkeyCCRN


    Very interesting. Thank you for the input, look forward to other personal experiences. Anyone work in outpatient clinics in a specialty like cards or nephrology? Anyone work for a surgeon and do rounds? Only curious if you do the following and are indeed an AGACNP.
  7. LucidMonkeyCCRN


    Can AGACNPs work outpatient? Can AGACNPs work for a specialty group like nephrology, cardiology, GI, or ID? Where do you work as a AGACNP? I’m trying to consider my best path. I’ve been accepted to AGACNP school but a part of wants to do primary, a part of me wants to do inpatient, but a part of also wants to do both lol. I am thinking I can get a post masters FNP? AGACNP + FNP combo.
  8. LucidMonkeyCCRN

    UTMB AGACNP Fall 2020

    Has anyone already applied for UTMB Fall 2020 AGACNP track?

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