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New England

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LucidMonkeyCCRN specializes in Critical Care.

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My boyfriend and I are really interested in the New England area:

Does anyone practice as an NP in the “New England” region of the USA?

What is the cost of living? Compared to NP salaries?

Overall Quality of Life?

Working conditions for NP?

NP job outlook? 

Do you enjoy the New England area? What would YOU consider to be pros and cons related to the New England area in general AND in relation to as an NP.

I am from Houston, TX. 



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You can check Glass Door for salaries, and I can't remember the link but there's a really good website that talks about COL.  Just Google COL New England.  Offhand I know it's high but I'm not sure how it compares to Houston.  And you know it's colder than Houston and gets more snow right? 😉 I've lived in Houston and visited Boston in the winter (after living in Houston and MS for several years) and I froze my tush off!

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Jedrnurse has 25 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in school nurse.

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FYI, it's wrong to consider New England as one region. For example, rural Maine and Metro Boston are two different worlds. The salary, resources, and even the job itself could be extremely different. Are you considering a particular state/region?

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