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Med/Surg (ortho/urology)

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  1. Any advice on how to get a job in the hospital with no BSN? I am currently enrolled in RN-BSN program, but will not finish until the summer. It seems that every application I send immediately is rejected due to not meeting qualifications. How can I bypass this? I have over one year of med/surg experience.
  2. hsmrn00

    ADN unable to find job in Houston Hospitals

    I live in The Woodlands and all of the hospitals there only want BSN. I also tried Conroe Regional Center, which is about 20 min from me. Any specific hospitals you know of that are not magnet?
  3. I recently moved to The Woodlands, TX and have applied to every hospital in the North/Northwest Houston area with no luck. I have my ADN with 15 months of experience in Med Surg, and I am currently enrolled in the RN-BSN program. I am expected to graduate in June. It seems that every hospital wants a BSN or prior experience, but I know ADN's that work at the hospitals. Any advice? My passion is in Women's Services but at this point, I just need some more experience! Thank you in advance!

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