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  1. Easy Peezie

    Mayo Clinic Nurse Residency (Az) February 2022

    Also, did anybody else see they updated the website and kinda freak out? LOL
  2. Easy Peezie

    Mayo Clinic Nurse Residency (Az) February 2022

    Thanks for dropping these dates! And I would definitely include a cover letter to help bring more appeal to your application πŸ™‚
  3. Easy Peezie

    New BSN grad & wanting to move to another compact state

    Thank you! This is how I figured I would need to go about it but was wondering if there was anyway I could spare myself the extra expenses. It’s interesting to see most resources say apply directly to that state after school, but I guess that makes sense if you are planning on moving well in advance before any potential job start date.
  4. Hi there! I was hoping someone could clarify some confusion I have. I graduate with my BSN in September in Florida (compact state) but want to move to Arizona (another compact state) to start my career. I understand that I need to apply for licensure by examination through the Arizona Board of Nursing. My question is what do I select for this portion of the application (see attached image)? I do not currently or will not hold a FL license, so therefore I do not qualify for a multi-state license...correct? And will I have an Arizona license as soon as my test results are processed since I applied directly to that state (despite not being a resident there yet), or do I need to wait until I move and provide proof of Arizona residency?...and if I have to wait for them to process my proof of residency, how long does this take? Anyway, thanks for reading about my situation, LOL. I would love if anyone could help
  5. Easy Peezie

    Phoenix OB New Nurse Programs?

    Hello all! I am currently in nursing school and I am superrrrr interested in OB nursing. I went into nursing school knowing I was interested in this area and after having clinical experience in L&D; I am all in. Does anyone know of any hospitals in the Phoenix area that have new nurse graduate programs for anything OB related? Thank you for any help πŸ™‚
  6. Easy Peezie

    Denver College of Nursing July 2020

    I got denied too. Thankfully I have already set my sights on somewhere else than DCN
  7. Hi guys, I was wondering if anybody else has applied for this cohort and can't wait until February to hear back! I know applications have only been open for a few days so I might be just a tad early on opening this forum...lol. Anyway, feel free to chat back! I'd love to make new friends as I will be new to the area!