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  1. That’s great I'm also in Florida. Thank you for the advice. What did You use after 6 years? Which refresher course did you take ?

    1. NurseAsh89

      NurseAsh89, LPN

      @Mavi I used learningtext(https://www.learningext.com/#/public-dashboard) it was pretty helpful and you can select the length of time you want to purchase it for. I also used Saunders and Exam Cram books for my practice questions (although learningtext has a lot of practice questions). 

      i got pretty discouraged because everyone told me after 6 years I probably wouldn’t pass. But trust me, if I can do it, you can do it. You just have to find what works for you- writing everything down helped me. I kept a notebook with me of all the practice questions I got wrong and all of the practice questions I didn’t quite understand. I kept a cheat sheet at the beginning of the notebook with all the normal lab values I thought I’d need on the test (which I did and was so helpful!). 


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