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Promotion! LPN -> Clinical manager

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Sorry for the lengthy post. I'm a pretty new nurse (I'm an LPN)-- I got my license in 02/2019 and I got my first job at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility and I have been there since so going on about 9 months. I figured things out fairy quickly and feel like I really got the hang of things there. It's been a struggle because working with the clientele that I do, I get talked down to, called names, they're very manipulative etc. I do know this is all part of the rehab industry and the clients just do not feel great so they take it out on anyone that they can so it has been quite exhausting but I have still decided to stick with it.

Today, the doctor called me into her office to let me know that she has seen me shine these past few months and have really seen me grow as a nurse. She suggested I apply for the clinic manager position because she thinks I'd be great at it. I am in school for my RN and she did let me know that she would offer me flexibility with my schedule. She said I can make up my 40 hour work week weather it be four 10's, off 2 days during the week and work the weekend, work monday-friday 8-4. Basically i could make up my own schedule as long as the work got done. Currently I am in the detox unit which is extremely understaffed and i work about 4-5 12 hour shifts a week which is really burning me out. She basically said i'd be her right hand man and would be in charge of the clinic portion of the detox facility (we have an intake unit, detox unit, mommy/baby unit, and a clinic unit (basically our facilities own doctors office for our clients as we are a very big campus). So, i'd just be over the clinic portion of the campus. I do have managerial experience but never for nursing-- I have been a manager over a pretty successful, large restaurant in my area before i became a nurse. I managed about 40-50 employees. I would manage about 10 employees if i accepted this position. 


So my question is, do you think this would look good on my resume or hurt me? There would be no patient care (which i like the sounds of since I really have been getting burnt out with the type of patients i care for on a day to day basis), I'm just not sure that would hurt my resume since I won't be doing patient care. My long term goal in my nursing career is either work in the O.R. or do injections (botox, juvederm, etc.) once I become an RN and get my BSN


I'm also a little worried because I know it can be tough switching from someones co-worker to boss. How do you get your previous co-workers to respect your new title? 


Has anyone had experience with being a clinical manager? How did you like it? What were the pros and cons?

Any feedback and advice is appreciated as I am a little nervous to take on a new role (i haven't accepted yet, I said id want to think about it a little more) and I'm not sure if it would help me or hurt me.

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I think it sounds like great experience, and would not hurt any resume.  The pros are you would be getting some of the things you need like a better schedule and the ability to study for school.  

I have found that you receive the most respect from coworkers when they know they have your support.  Listen to stafff concerns. Give them as much autonomy as is reasonable i.e. self scheduling, if possible.  When it comes to policy or decisions, don't always demand that it be your way (even if you are convinced it's the best way).  Lead by example.  Don't only address concerns, give praise whenever you can.  

Probably the most important thing from the get go is to understand who much power you have or don't have.  Can you hire and fire?  Can you enact new policy?  If not, are you OK with the status quo?  How many people have been in this position previously, if  there's a revolving door, that's a red flag.  

On the whole, I think it sounds like a good opportunity.  Good luck

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