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"nursy" has 40 years experience as a RN and specializes in ICU, ER, Home Health, Corrections, School Nurse.

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  1. "nursy"

    Independent vascular access nurse

    I was a PICC nurse independent contractor for many years and I loved it. I made fantastic money.....but.....I was very good and I pretty much took every call that came in for three different companies, covering 3 counties. I pretty much worked 7 days a week. Very few nurses did it this way, most had regular jobs and did it on the side. Record keeping is a pain in the you know what, and you're on your own with that. Whether it's worth it depends on a several factors. I lived in a busy metropolitan area where there was a high demand for the services , and several companies set up to provide those services. Where I currently live, ( a small city of 100,000 people) there is no such demand, and no companies exclusively providing vascular access services. Probably the biggest question you have to answer for yourself is can you take being on call all the time. As an independent contractor, you can set whatever hours you want, and you can turn away whatever call you don't want to take. But that's not how you make money. My companies always called me first because they knew I would do it. And also you have to be OK with feast or famine. I had days where I made 2000 dollars in one day. I also had weeks where I kept checking to see if my phone was broken because nobody was calling me.
  2. "nursy"

    Need for Nurses in Corrections

    Yes, there's a huge need for nurses in corrections. It's not hard to get hired as long as you can get security clearance.
  3. "nursy"

    diabetic question

    This probably wouldn't work in a lot of nursing offices, but I had my brand new TYpe 1 eat in my office because I really couldn't trust her on her own. I allowed a friend to come and eat with her, and they both enjoyed it. She was a pen user.
  4. "nursy"

    Any tips for students with Motion SIckness?

    The nausea is caused by conflicting signals to the eyes, and inner ear. Easiest fix is just close your eyes. But you have to do it BEFORE the nausea starts.
  5. "nursy"

    I am struggling as a new grad! need advice!

    If you read enough of these posts, you find that a lot of newer nurses are struggling, and all too often their performance issues are blatantly pointed out by fellow workers, making the nurses feel insecure and miserable. You do not indicate that anyone has said anything thus far. So I would be inclined to think that you are harder on yourself, than anyone else is. New nurses generally have a hard time their first year of nursing, so you still have a ways to go. And, these days, even with the best time management skills in the world, nursing can be a struggle. If you have a really good nurse manager, it may be helpful to talk about it; on the other hand, you may call attention to yourself for no good reason. I would suggest going to the nurses who you admire and think are especially good at what they do, and ask if they have any suggestions on how you can improve your performance. I woudn't go around telling anyone about all the "mistakes" you are making, again, that may just bring negative attention. Good luck!
  6. "nursy"

    Confused and Depressed about Performance

    How much is your preceptor actually watching you? If you're basically doing OK (which you indicated you think you are) then, maybe your preceptor doesn't really have that much to say, so she's just saying stuff, because she's a preceptor and feels she has to say something. You have not indicated that you are in any danger of losing your position. You have not indicated that anyone else has expressed any reservations about your performance. It sounds like you just need to finish up with training, and once you're on your own, you will be fine.
  7. "nursy"

    Gossiping Nurses

    Whoever gave you report, should have indicated tele patient. Charge nurse accepting patient to floor should have known it's a tele patient. Judgement call...and if you're ever not sure, verify with provider. Meanwhile, you know what, people are going to talk about you. It's wrong, I don't condone it, but it happens and it's going to keep happening...human nature. But they are also talking about everyone else. A lot of it is their own misery and insecurity. As a new nurse you should be too busy to worry if people are talking about you. Unfortunately, when we hear something negative about ourselves, we tend to obsess over it long after everyone else has moved on. You're going to need to get a tougher skin. It's tough, and not easy to do, but that's life.
  8. "nursy"

    Promotion! LPN -> Clinical manager

    I think it sounds like great experience, and would not hurt any resume. The pros are you would be getting some of the things you need like a better schedule and the ability to study for school. I have found that you receive the most respect from coworkers when they know they have your support. Listen to stafff concerns. Give them as much autonomy as is reasonable i.e. self scheduling, if possible. When it comes to policy or decisions, don't always demand that it be your way (even if you are convinced it's the best way). Lead by example. Don't only address concerns, give praise whenever you can. Probably the most important thing from the get go is to understand who much power you have or don't have. Can you hire and fire? Can you enact new policy? If not, are you OK with the status quo? How many people have been in this position previously, if there's a revolving door, that's a red flag. On the whole, I think it sounds like a good opportunity. Good luck
  9. "nursy"

    New Nurse Venting

    You say you have friends that love where they work, any chance of them helping you get positions in those places?
  10. "nursy"

    Tired and burnt out from the abuse

    Wow, you really need to get a different position. A glass of wine is not going to compensate for the amount of stress you're going through, and this will end up taking a toll on you and your family. I left bedside nursing for the same reasons......just tired of the abuse and lack of support by admin. I hope you can find better circumstances. Good luck!
  11. "nursy"

    New Grad Trying to Make a Decision

    If you read enough posts on here, you will quickly find that a lot of nurses are getting burned out with bedside nursing. I would take the clinic job in a heartbeat, especially if it helps you with your decision to go back to school. There are too many variable in the future for you to worry about possible reentry to bedside down the road. If you end up wanting to go back to bedside, you can always find a way to make it happen, especially once you've graduated with a BSN.
  12. "nursy"

    Depressed and Frustrated

    Usually the only feedback you will get from previous employers is are you eligible for rehire. Saying much beyond that opens them up to lawsuits. I have a feeling that there is something in your presentation, or the way you interview, that is having a negative impact. You may want to consult with a professional in the field of job seeking to go over your resume and how you present yourself.
  13. "nursy"

    Do you ever miss bedside?

    You couldn't pay me triple my salary to go back to bedside. But even if things don't work out, going back to bedside isn't the only option out there. So go for it and good luck!
  14. "nursy"

    Does the loop stay unclosed?

    Agree with Rinoir........whatever patient you take med out on, either that patient gets the med or you waste it WITH A WITNESS.
  15. "nursy"

    While we were arguing; we disappeared

    My last facility we were mandated to introduce ourselves whenever we walked into the room so that the patient/family would know who we were.
  16. "nursy"

    New nurse in ICU

    Well you've already quit, and you're not excited about going back to the hospital. The clinic gives you good hours, and you are getting your BSN. I hope your BSN program gives you you some good clinical experience. Take the clinic job, when you graduate with your BSN you will be starting fresh. You know your weak spots from working in ICU, pay attention to those, as your doing your BSN program. I made some errors in judgement early on in my ICU career, and they were ready to boot me out of there, but decided to give me one more chance. Kept in orientation for 6 MONTHS, probably the longest orientation in the history of orientations. It was humiliating, but I ended up one heck of a good ICU nurse. Everyone starts out their experience with different approaches, skills, attitudes, and capabilities. Some take longer than others, but you'll get there.