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"nursy" has 40 years experience as a RN and specializes in ICU, ER, Home Health, Corrections, School Nurse.

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  1. "nursy"

    Ruining My Career?

    I'd say you were doing your career a favor. Diabetes is such a prevalent disease and getting more so all the time, I'm sure the demand for diabetes education is only going to increase over time. Not only can you work in the hospital, but endocrinologist office, etc. (I bet your friends are just jealous )
  2. "nursy"

    Wanting to move from IL to AL

    I don't know too much about Alabama, except it can be quite humid. I'm wondering if a drier climate might not be better for your sinuses?
  3. "nursy"

    Non travel nurse contract cancel

    You shouldn't have a problem, you haven't even been though orientation. I'm assuming you haven't accepted any kind of sign on bonus.
  4. "nursy"

    Torn between job offers

    I don't know anything about the college you are considering a position in, but if you do consider it seriously, do some research as to how that particular institution is run. I live in a university town that also has a huge community college system. The cc has a very hard time keeping their nursing school accreditation (they just got it back after a few years without) because they have a hard time finding and keeping enough Master's trained teachers to ensure accreditation. The university is a well regarded institution, but I have yet to meet anyone that works there, that actually has anything good to say about it. The politics are unbelievable. And I think that is fairly common in the university setting. So make sure you talk to people that actually work there to get a good take on it.
  5. So far, the ONLY complaint you have mentioned is the whiny patients. Which can be annoying. How about the rest of the work...do you like your job? coworkers? schedule? If everything else is good, I wouldn't jump from the frying pan into the fire. If you read enough of these posts you will find a lot of nurses overwhemed and overworked with very little support at the bedside. On a side note, the most appreciative patients I ever had was in corrections..every day I heard "Thank you ma'm," "Appreciate you ma'm," it was a very rewarding experience. There were other challenges, however. I'm in school nursing now, and absolutely love it.
  6. "nursy"


    PLEASE.... keep it to yourself, don't give them any ideas!!!!!!
  7. "nursy"


    Nope, every year they come up with something different...last year it was a Taki eating contest with pretty much the same results
  8. "nursy"


    Question: How many bananas can a 6th grader eat and then run around the track before he starts puking his guts out? Answer: 10!!! I LOVE school nursing!
  9. "nursy"

    Can I refuse an infant patient??

    I got to the point where I refused all pediatrics, after several very uncomfortable experiences, not with the patients, always the parents. My personality is just not well suited to interacting with the parents. The agencies I worked for, however, were on a case by case basis. I got paid per visit, and each case was offered to me to accept or refuse. If you can get out of it, I would, if the parents sense that you don't have any experience in what you are trying to teach them, they will not be happy.
  10. "nursy"

    Always sick!

    Your immune system can't handle poor sleep and eating habits. You need to take of yourself.
  11. "nursy"

    Career doom or new age of nursing?

    Doomed, no. In for a hard job search...probably.
  12. The ONE time I continued working for an agency that was late with payment I got totally screwed. They went out of business and I never got a dime. Don't do it.
  13. It sounds like all of your other experiences were very positive with good evaluations. Your instructor already knows this, they also know that the preceptor's opinion is very subjective, and not all preceptors are very good at precepting. I'm betting she will be supportive and constructive.
  14. Please, please, please take a deep breath....you will be OK. You are not a lost cause, and you WILL make it. If you read enough of these posts, there are a million of them from licensed RNs in their first year, that feel even worse than you do because they have finished school, got their license, and have been working, and feel like they are just not getting it. It is HARD. There is a lot to learn. There is really no such thing as a "critical care student," most ICU's don't even take nurses without several years of med surg experience. And that is for a very good reason. Some students/nurses will pick it up quicker than others, and if you compare yourself to them you will feel miserable. So don't do it. Review the stuff that you fell short on, and keep going.
  15. "nursy"

    What's a good starting career for a new nurse?

    Well, good luck...hope you won't be sorry!

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