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  1. Anyone has experience in starting their own health care company in Florida? I am interested in doing this, but I am currently in the research phase, such as how much money I need, licenses, etc. Just curious about other people's experiences positive or negative. Thanks in advance!
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    I have been there and honestly have felt that being a nurse is not for me many times. A couple of weeks ago I reviewed all my audit reports to see my mistakes so I don't make them again. My newer train of thought is to take each call at a time, go above and beyond each call so no one acuses me of "not helping" after I end my calls. Plus+++ I am starting to workout every day & drinking more water. Don't give up on yourself, it's a brand new branch of nursing & 3 years ago when I started I felt like a new grad. No calls are exactly the same and some more challenging than others.