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  1. Aygee2021

    UPenn application 2021

    Oh wow. I hope your program is going great. Can you share any tips or wise words about the interview process?
  2. Aygee2021

    UPenn application 2021

    Decided to create this thread. Anyone else applied? Any insights on the interview process? Can anyone who has been through the process share their experience? Just turned in my application before the deadline. - when do we get called for interview - what's the sparkhire video interview like? - is the interview behavioral or clinical based or both? Thank you in advance
  3. Aygee2021

    UPenn application 2021

    Thank you so much. Did you get in?
  4. Upenn CRNA application 2021

    Starting a thread on this topic. Hopefully will get some insights on the application process and timeline, connect with other applicants and hear from current students about the interview process.