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  1. What kind of facilities did you guys find jobs at?

    1. KingJames1227


      My facility was monitoring friendly so i have been working here for 4+ years at the time of my offense so i was able to keep my position it was seemless 

  2. KingJames1227


    I simply sent an email to my case manager requesting early release. luckily, I sent it the night before they went over what they would review in front of the board. by sheer coincidence I happened to call my case manager and she told me to just email her a request. I did she let me know via email that they would listen to my case and determine if I get early release or not. on November 21, I was notified that I was granted release but not early release and had to wait til nov 29 to be off of probation and monitoring which was ok by me bc if I would've not did It the board only has meetings every other month I would've had to be on probation until jan 21 when my original consent ending was nov 29
  3. I just completed my probation and monitoring as of today 4pm. I want to apply for this agency job but when i looked up my license it says board action -yes but the sub action went away.. will my license always say board action or do i have to wait a while for it to go away
  4. KingJames1227

    Ohio probation

    I am just two days away from completing my consent agreement with ohio board of nursing. I am an LPN .. is it true that if i get my RN i will have to be back on probation ?
  5. KingJames1227

    A week later, and the job is done

    For those of you that have been released, is there any follow up you have to complete from the board down the line or is it just like all communication gets cut off from there? and does everything disappears from your license or will it always remain on your license?
  6. KingJames1227

    Be honest or let it fly?

    Next time dont even report it.. thats what messed me up i literally was in the same predicament got a ticket for possession of marijuana and paraphenalia reported it to the board thru my lawyers advice got it reduced to attempted disorderly conduct in court got it expunged and sealed off my records me being scared i reported it and went thru a years worth of nonsense you was better off not reporting lucky me i only got monitoring for a year random drug test and some continuing educations on drug abuse and ethics and laws no fines and no other issues and i didnt have to abstain from alcohol but in 3 weeks this will be over how long are you on monitoring?
  7. KingJames1227

    terminated for drug diversion

    Why do yall make up these wack sob stories you werent about to end your life you were getting high and was using them and you were using those drugs to quiet them residents at night i think part of recovery is being honest with ones self everybody got these lame sob stories just be honest with yourself
  8. KingJames1227

    Ohio BON help

    You didnt take that drug test bc you may not have been stealing the ultrams but you know they were going to show up and you know ultram has about 2-4 days of being detoxed out your system so the whole “i drug tested and was negative 2 days after” is bs just my opinion how did it turn out for you?
  9. KingJames1227


    Hello, I Have been on probation since November 29 of last year in ohio. I recently contacted my casemanager and requested to get early release from probation bc I have completed all my requirements under my consent agreement and have been squeaky clean with keeping up with my monitoring program. the hearing is set for November 21, which the early release will be just 8 days before my initial release. has anyone else ever attempted to be granted early release and what else could I do to enhance my chances for early release?