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  1. mads197

    Can an FNP work with just pediatrics?

    Hi there! I'm getting ready to graduate with my BSN in hopes of landing a job in pediatrics and am looking at grad schools to get my DNP. If I were to go to school to be an FNP, is it a thing to only work with pediatrics? Like if I were to try and get a job after school in a pediatric clinic, how common would that be?
  2. mads197

    too soon to be an NP?

    I'm looking to get a FNP and work with pediatrics in primary care
  3. mads197

    too soon to be an NP?

    Im a senior nursing student now getting ready to graduate in May 2020. My plan is to take the NCLEX in June and start working in July. The school I'm at currently is switching from masters to DNP for their NP programs. The director came and spoke to our class saying that they're opening up applications to students to start the BSN-DNP program in August 2020 as long as we are board certified before then. Is this too soon to go back to school? I plan to still work throughout it as much as school will allow me, so I'll be getting nursing experience as I go. I've heard so many mixed things about years of experience you 'should' have prior to starting. Any advice?
  4. mads197

    squeamish nursing student

    I've definitely become aware of not locking my knees and even make a point to flex leg muscles while standing to increase blood flow but I will give the rubber band trick a go. Thanks!
  5. mads197

    squeamish nursing student

    Im entering my senior year of nursing school and absolutely love it. I have years of experience as a CNA and have always been fine with poo, blood, vomit, etc so it took me by surprise when I realized I'm more squeamish than expected. It all started with my L&D clinical where I was apart of my first delivery. It was a rather traumatic delivery and being new to the field, it really shocked me and I almost fainted- dizzy, cold and clammy, ears ringing, vision spotty. After that, saw an epidural, same thing happened. I still loved the idea of being in L&D so I did an externship in a women's unit over the summer and got more exposure to it but I was still very hesitant and timid because of being afraid of fainting. Fast forward to this semester, watching a G-tube insertion, PICC line placement, and even IUD removal has made me have the same reaction. I almost think at this point it's anxiety and fear going into procedures knowing that it'll probably happen and it does. What the heck? I thought I'd be fine? Is anyone else out there facing this or has overcome this with any advice? I don't want this to hinder my career because I want to be a nurse and go on to be an NP.