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New Grad Nurse Starting DNP Program

by mads197 mads197 (New) New Student

Hi there, I recently was accepted into a BSN-DNP program to get an FNP starting Fall 2020. I will be graduating nursing school this May and have a job secured in a Pediatric Cardiac ICU. I'm worried that starting such a rigorous job, on top of being a new grad nurse, while also starting a DNP program is going to be a lot. I understand it will be a rigorous program but have heard that in general the first year (since it's all online classes) is doable to work full time. Do you think it would be too much to start both at the same time? I learned that I can't defer my acceptance either. Open to all advice on this! I have to give my decision to admissions by Wednesday, April 15.

Too much. All the way around, even if you are Wonder Woman. DNP program might be doable if you were in a regular job, not starting your first nursing job. But to be starting in the ICU and graduate school at the same time? The person I knew who went straight into the ICU after graduation went through a nine month training program that was itself, no picnic. I think something might have to give. I am glad I am not in your shoes.

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None of this decision making makes any sense. Apply another time, it's not like NP school is competitive.