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  1. KCC ADN Spring 2021

    I got alternate listed as well! @Kayhj OMG can’t believe you got alternate listed w/ such a high TEAS score!
  2. KCC ADN Spring 2021

    You've got great stats and experience! You bumped your score up by a lot! What changes did you make to study the TEAS? My stats are: Pre-Reqs: All A's except one B lab Co-Reqs: A's Exp: NA training plus NA experience at foster ca...
  3. KCC ADN Spring 2021

    Hi there! Did anyone apply for the KCC Spring ADN program? What are your stats like?
  4. Chaminade Nursing 2020

  5. Chaminade Nursing 2020

    I spoke with an enrollment specialist at Chaminade and she stated if you have AA, AS, or BS degree, they’ll be waiving all general education requirements effective fall 2020!
  6. KCC ADN FALL 2020

    Did anyone else get a letter? NSO is so far from now!
  7. KCC ADN FALL 2020

    Last semester they accepted 10 students and then after NSO I believe they accepted 8 more. Hopefully, they do the same this semester!
  8. KCC ADN FALL 2020

  9. KCC ADN FALL 2020

    I got alternate listed
  10. KCC ADN FALL 2020

    OMG you’re an angel!! Praying for all of us!!
  11. KCC ADN FALL 2020

    I also think they won’t accept students for fall. Especially because trump extended the social distancing to 4/30 and they have to make a decision by early May
  12. KCC ADN FALL 2020

    oh you would’ve definitely got in!
  13. KCC ADN FALL 2020

    Hi Nina, What are your stats?
  14. Chaminade Nursing 2020

    Oh!! I bet it must be crazy busy
  15. Chaminade Nursing 2020

    I spoke with the advising office and they said our semester will continue as usual. We won’t be having any clinicals our first semester so it won’t be affected