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    Half the class expelled... help.

    Last year in November, half of the class including I were expelled from our college. We were 3 months away from graduating after being together in classes for 2 years... all because of a false accusation. I would have taken the loss if we were actually in the wrong but no, we were the ones who were wronged. I am here not for pity but for serious advice, I will try to make it as short as possible. I have been an LPN since 2012, a little over 2 years ago I decided I wanted to go for my RN. I made nearly straight A's and I even did my part with the school and attended each open house for people interested in becoming students for our college. I was passionate and it was stressful (nursing school!) but I had so much fun thanks to my classmates and our teachers. It was roughly half a year before we got expelled when the school went downhill as our dean had quit and so did over half of our teachers. We would come to class and clinical just waiting and wondering if a teacher would show up to teach, (the clinicals that were missed were never made up). They changed the way the testing was to not be covering our source material. So on and so forth. There was a big chain hospital that our school did clinicals at. They required us to have done these little quizzes that ask about hand-washing, fire safety, and how to be polite to patients. We completed them half a year before we got expelled and gave them to our teacher (who was the dean at the time and later quit half into our class period which hurt us in the end because we could not get a hold of her). It was 4 months after that in which our recent dean asked for them again over the phone while we were in clinical (we could hear him screaming at our teacher over the phone who was 40 yrs old and pregnant with previous miscarriage). I faxed our saved copies to the email provided, it turns out they came out distorted and they believed them to be fake. The big hospital chain's IT told me they delete records every 90 days... so we literally had no actual proof we did these quizzes. We got in trouble and were told we were on suspension and that we would be held up with a panel of a handful of faculty to discuss our fates. The panel never happened, the dean ended up calling us in one by one with our pre-printed expulsion papers and even after I cried to him and pleaded and begged to him that we did not make these up he didn't care. In fact his emotions and posture were scary and so negative... he nearly threw his chair across the room. NO COMPASSION from a NURSE who is in charge of FUTURE NURSES... not a great example. He didn't even have a teller to record information for some of us... So here I am with unaccredited classes even though they are A's and over 30,000$ of debt on me because of false accusations... I cannot explain to you all how heart-broken and soulless I feel every day of my life. I have cried so many times because a man decided to hold me back from my dreams. I absolutely was ecstatic to have been able to hone my skills as an RN in a hospital setting. I even wanted to be NP one day... but it is impossible for me now as I have a large loan over my head. What can I do?? Should I seek legal advice? Thank you for listening to my story and for your time..