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    Outdoor fields and nursing?

    Hey Nurses, I want to put my feelers out there to see if anyone knows of some type of oddball nursing that allows a nurse to work outside. Before I went into nursing I was contemplating wildlife biology. I love the outdoors, and would be super happy getting dirty in my hiking pants or overalls all day. Alas, nursing seemed like the right path for me for various reasons, so here I am. I enjoy my job, but it's also really hard to be inside for so many hours a day. I love the freedom of having four days a week off BECAUSE of those longs hours, but it did get me wondering if there is any sort of nursing field that allows a nurse to be... out in the field. I know that travel nursing exists -- this is still inside a hospital and is essentially the same job I have now. I know that camp nursing exists, and maybe some day it would be fun for a season (I've worked in various camps and as an Outdoor Educator), but currently I'm the main income of my house and we can't exactly afford that. I know that flight nursing exists, but that's a long road to get to for me (who only has one year of experience), and I know that certain things like cruise ship nursing exists, but my husband and I aren't really interested in that. I'd love to get my WFR or Wilderness Medicine certification, and work for a national park as a medical personnel -- I live close to Rocky Mountain National Park and think it would be such a dream to work there, but as far as I can find that job doesn't exist. Does anyone work in this sort of capacity? Are there even any jobs out there like what I am sort of looking for? Would love thoughts! Thanks for all your hard work in this field, my fellow nurses. -Sarah
  2. Hey fellow nurses, I'm struggling with this industry right now. I live in Colorado in an area where we are currently not being hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis, and our cases are dwindling. It doesn't seem like we're going to have an upswing in census anytime soon at my hospital. I just spent two weeks out of work due to testing positive for COVID-19 after taking care of COVID patient's at my hospital. I had one day back, and the following two days IN A ROW I was put on call, but never called into work. This is a problem as I am the primary income in my household. I'm also fairly new the facility, and don't have PTO to spare. I'd love to redeem this situation somehow. There are travel nurse gigs in response to areas hit hard by COVID-19, and I got the blessing from my husband do go work in those places if I wanted to. The problem is I've only been a nurse since August 2019, and will likely not get hired as a contract nurse with such little experience. With the current census at my hospital, nurses are regularly getting called off, or put on call at least once a week. That's a HUGE cut in income. I'm an essential worker who can't even work. But I am also a new nurse, so I feel kind of stuck with what I've got. How do I advocate for myself in this situation? I'm being thanked for my work, being told I'm a hero, being blessed with meals and acts of kindness. I'm so thankful and grateful for those things and the people who are doing them, but I feel wholly unsupported by those who employ me. I need to pay my bills and make a living. What do I do? What CAN I do? Is anyone else finding themselves in this situation? What is your plan, and how are you moving forward? I'd love to brainstorm or hear what other people are doing. As a fresh nurse I still know little about the industry and what I can do to be my own advocate in such situations. -Sarah
  3. Hey nursing community, I’m a new grad from a great ADN program in a town full of hospitals that only hire BSN nurses. I’m well on my way to completing my BSN by next summer, but right now I’m really struggling in my new job. My practicum for school had me placed in a jail given there happen to be very limited positions elsewhere at this time. They loved me and had no hesitation to hire me on full time when I passed the NCLEX this summer. I’ve been there for just over two months, and I’m finding myself in a deep pit of despair, but not in the way you might think. I love working with people on the margins. I really enjoy caring for my patients in the jail. I like the work, and I am good at it. I am catching on quickly, and my assessment skills are really being sharpened as I have a lot more autonomy in this job than most other places might. It’s busy, and it’s mostly fulfilling. The work culture, on the other hand, is really hard. I find some of nurses there to be really hard to work with. People are mostly negative, speaking of the patients like they are trash, all very jaded. We are constantly short-staffed, so mandatory overtime has been in place since I began. Not to mention, people gossip about one another, even the supervisor shares other people’s business with nurses, which makes me feel uncomfortable. Additionally, my schedule has me working overtime every week by nature before picking up mandatory shifts. I am supposed to work three 8’s and one 12. The 8’s are really 10 or more hour shifts that leave me going home in the middle of the night, and the 12 hour shift is a day shift that has my sleep schedule really wonkey. I’d rather have traditional 12s where I could build some normalcy into my schedule and have some more days off. The pay is exceptional, but I’m worried I am going to find myself stuck. It’s not the normal kind of new-nurse-first-job stress. I am beat down and feel soul-sucked by the job. I spontaneously cry on any given day. I am depressed, I don’t want to do any of the things that normally give me joy (not that I have the time or energy to right now anyway on top of full time online BSN classes). I’m not home three evenings a week to spend with my husband. Sometimes four days go by where I don’t get to see him at all. I am only two months in and feel despair thinking about how little time I have actually covered in this workplace. I wonder how deeply depressed I will become with more time spent here, and if any other job will even want me after working in corrections. I think it’s a place where I get to utilize many skills and hone in on time management and assessment in a big way, but will other places who don’t know that look at my only experience as a correctional nurse and write me off? I want to find a new job that will not spiral me into depression, because if my life feels like crap because of my work what’s the point? But how can I do that with only two months of experience? Feeling stuck, sad, and hopeless. Every day I drive to work and wish that a car would hit me so that I wouldn't have to go. Yes, it’s that deep. I love working with people in the margins, or people in really difficult times in their life. I have loved working with my dying patients in clinical rotations, I love my jail clients, and I think I have a large capacity to deal with really difficult and sad situations. I have the ability to compartmentalize those things and leave them at work. My capacity for workplace bullying, no boundaries or respect for outside life, and constant negativity however, is really low. I am not even sure what kind of help I am asking for. I just need help! (I have tried to update my resume several times to send out to new jobs. I kid you not, every single time I do this my computer dies. The last time I was ready to send off resume and cover letter, my computer died again, and now it’s in the repair shop, and that job is no longer open. Wah!)