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First year nurse looking for refresher resources

by Port88 Port88, ADN (New) New Nurse

Hi nurses,

I'm a first-year RN working in both corrections (PRN) and med-surg (full time). I worked full time in corrections for the first 5 months of my career as an RN before moving over to acute care. In corrections I didn't use a whole lot of the nursing skills and knowledge that I need in med-surg, and I'm really feeling that whole "use it or lose it" thing, even after only five months out of school not utilizing certain skills.

I'm searching for some good, well organized resources for some refreshers while I'm off the clock -- preferably video or audio resources. I'm having to remind myself why my patent with liver failure is having lower extremity edema (something probably super obvious to most of you, but it's been awhile since I've gone over liver pathology in school), or some of the pharmacology behind heparin, etc. As soon as I read over a disease process or a drug I think, "Oh! Of course, I knew that." But it's all pushed so far to the back of my brain. I'd love to have something to listen to while I'm making food, or driving to work that helps bring some of this med-surg knowledge back to the front of my memory.

Does anyone know of any really great resources for this?

Thanks so much for any help! I hope you're all staying safe out there.