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Nurse_Boo is a BSN, RN and specializes in PCU/Step-Down, Satellite ER.

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  1. Nurse_Boo

    Army not funding 66S/Other medical MOS incentives?

    Kind of going/went through the same thing in Nov. However, my recruiter just called me last week saying they are (unofficial rumor) now bringing back the reserve incentives for this FY but just haven't made the announcement yet. Fingers crossed!
  2. Nurse_Boo

    2019 Army Reserve (66T) or AD (66S student)

    Thank you so much for responding. I have told the recruiter to send my CV up for for AD. The reviewing officer did say I was "qualified" for 66T, but not "recommended"so I'm sure you're tight about that. However my recruiter was saying they know all ER's are not the same and they will train me the "Army" way either way. Guess that's not all the way true. But I'm starting to look at the 66S as maybe a silver lining. A chance prove myself, which I def plan to. I do like the prospect of the GI Bill, but I will be honest, losing the Loan repayment hurts. I need that more than TA bc I have debt! Lol. I don't want to start my masters until I put a big dent in that. I was "told" I could get that if I go reserve after my 3 year obligation if it's available, but I'm also hearing this thing about needing to have a "break in service" first. My co-worker and I have the same recruiter and she's already reserve in IT trying to switch to AMEDD and was just told she gets no incentives now. 1 bc of the fiscal year, 2 bc she didn't have a break in service. I'm just trying not to fall for the okie doke and end up having a bad experience bc of some small print I didn't see. Have you, or anyone else heard about this?
  3. Hello! So I have a bit of a conundrum. I recently applied for Army Reserve as a 66T. My packet is basically done except for my medical waiver which keeps getting sent back bc the reviewing officer is super anal (they wanted visit notes and a letter for counseling I did over 7 years ago ). I also have a moral waiver for something from 2007 but that has already been approved and sent up. Anyway, my recruiter just told me that my CV was graded as "Qualified but not recommended" due to that reviewing officer thinking I would make a better candidate for a 66T course. I currently work in a satellite ER n have been for almost 3 years. Prior to that I was PCU w/ Tele (step-down). Based on what I'm hearing, with my moral waiver, Medical waiver, and Qualification status, if I still try to push for 66T after my medical waiver comes through, I will probably end up OML and there is no Guarantee 66T course avail right now. However there is a Guarantee 66S student course avail which my recruiter said I would definitely qualify for based on my CV. There is a shortage so they are willing to send me to the course for 18 weeks then I will do clinicals and work as an ICU nurse. The only caveat is that this option means I would have to be active duty. 3 year commitment and I could go reserve after that. I wanted to go reserve bc of HLRP, so I would lose that incentive until after my 3 year obligation. l am open to getting the training as I'm already starting to think about what I want to do for my Master's but this situation has definitely messed up the plan I had in my head. Can anyone give me some insight or their experience on both sides? How was it being Reserve OML? Did you get chosen eventually? How long did you wait? Or How as your experience in the 66S/66T student program? And how has it affected your life/career/family? Thanks!! (sorry for the long post)

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