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  1. rodani

    Houston Area Residencies Spring 2020

    im sorry! I never saw this response as I realized there was another thread already for this same topic. but to answer your question, I received a job offer for MH. TX children's and Methodist TMC called me this week for an interview. I also heard back from Christus health. how is it going now? have you heard from your MH interview?
  2. rodani

    Memorial Hermann Nurse Residency- 2020

    anyone heard from MH Katy?
  3. rodani

    Texas Children's Nurse Residency Spring 2020

    is that the same as the Cancer Center? That's what I got.
  4. Hey, all. Just wanted to start a thread so we could share information about all the different residencies and the statuses of applications/interviews/other information. any interviews happening? I know MH had their pre-match event and Methodist is having a pre-screening event 10/3. I've applied for Methodist, Hermann, Harris Health, and HCA. Waiting for Children's and MDA opportunities.