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Nurse.ihed has 4 years experience and specializes in Icu.

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  1. Applying to CRNA school

    Hi everyone! I’m starting to apply to CRNA schools and I was looking for advice/realistic options on my likely hood of getting accepted. All and any feed back/recommendations is welcome! I graduated undergrad with a 3.1 (last two semesters with a 3.8...
  2. CCRN practice exams/pre test scores

    update! I passed my CCRN on my first try. I studied for "a little over a month" and by that I mean for three weeks when I was driving to work (I have a 30-45 min drive) I would listen to the Laura Gasparis videos. I learned a lot from her, very help...
  3. CCRN practice exams/pre test scores

    Hi everyone! I take my CCRN this week and am looking for peace of mind, Ive studied with barrons, PASS CCRN, and the Laura videos. If youve taken the practice exams or any practice tests what were your scores and did you pass the CCRN? Any informatio...
  4. CCRN and pre test practice scores

    Hi everyone! I take my CCRN next week and am wondering what people’s practice exam scores were? Currently using Pass CCRN the Barrons book and the Laura G videos. -did anyone find practice questions from one or the other more helpful? -any advice on...