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  1. Esther Maina

    International College of Health Sciences

    Yes I'm starting this February 10th Hello Evy, send me your email address and will add you to the group
  2. Esther Maina

    International College of Health Sciences

    Hello, I will be starting the program in February next year. Just wanted to get tips from the one's who has already started, how the beginning of the program was ? and do someone need to travel to the school to get the first semester books and supplies? Or do they mail it to you and what classes can someone test out? Thanks
  3. Hello Zhana,

    You had mentioned, your were to start the nursing program at the international college of Nursing June 2019. If have already started. How is your experience? And did you have to commute from another state? And if so how is that working out for you.

  4. Esther Maina

    International College of Health Sciences

    Hello I'm starting the RN program next year 2020. I know the clinical are done on campus, how many days out of the 15 weeks do you have to attend. Since this is an online program can someone still maintain a full time job?

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