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  1. yourgoodneighbor

    Best ICU nurse journal?

    What is the best journal for ICU nurses? For example: Critical Care Nurse, or American Journal of Critical Care...
  2. How many people in your BSN class are getting As? Most? Very few? What school?
  3. I was curious if you were in a really easy RN to BSN class and are getting straight As ? Which program is the easiest to get straight As?
  4. Which states allow CRNA's to practice most independently? Or which states have the broadest CRNA scope of practice? For example- states where the anesthesiologist is more hands off or where CRNA's are allowed to have more authority and freedom during their cases?
  5. yourgoodneighbor


    Actually between 1990 and 2001 there were about 26,000 CRNAs (fig.4) so 820/26,000 equals 3% getting sued over a course of 10 years? Seems worth it. Figure.4
  6. yourgoodneighbor

    How is GPA calculated?

    Have you noticed a trend? Do most programs not calculate the F in? Is it somewhat 50/50 or do most have policies regarding repeated grades?
  7. yourgoodneighbor

    Job Offer but Upcoming Interview

    Was it a phone interview?
  8. yourgoodneighbor

    How is GPA calculated?

    For instance if I failed political science 3 years ago- got it expunged, and retook it and got an A.... Would the F be calculated into my grades? I got straight As after that with one B... I am in RN school right now... Is there a form where you input what your grades are and attach your grades? Or do they just look at your grades you send that you get from the school?
  9. yourgoodneighbor

    What procedures do CRNAs do regularly?

    What procedures or skills do CRNAs do regularly? (And would you give an estimate of how often- for example Intubation 3x/day, arterial lines 1x/day, resuscitation 1x/month) Central/arterial line placement? Intubation? Resusitations? Epidurals? Nerve blocks?
  10. yourgoodneighbor

    Tips on getting HIRED?

    How far and wide have you been applying? How many miles away do you search?
  11. How is patient satisfaction measured in a comatose patient? Lets say in the ICU setting.... Do they complete one after they are “awake”?
  12. yourgoodneighbor

    Your Interview Experience

    Very insightful
  13. yourgoodneighbor

    The economics of PA vs. NP

    We are all lobbying for our interests!
  14. yourgoodneighbor

    Locked into a specialty but now want urgent care

    Go get it mrs.make it happen
  15. yourgoodneighbor

    Private message requirements

    I had no idea
  16. yourgoodneighbor

    New nurse - ICU

    I was wondering the same thing.