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  1. Easy Online RN to BSN with Straight As?

    I was curious if you were in a really easy RN to BSN class and are getting straight As ? Which program is the easiest to get straight As?
  2. Which states allow CRNA's to practice most independently? Or which states have the broadest CRNA scope of practice? For example- states where the anesthesiologist is more hands off or where CRNA's are allowed to have more auth...
  3. MSN or DNP as CRNA?

    Are you sure 55,000 for the WHOLE PROGRAM? I thought tuition was a yearly rate....
  4. New nurse - ICU

    What if I live in San Diego and literally apply everywhere across the United States?
  5. Malpractice

    Actually between 1990 and 2001 there were about 26,000 CRNAs (fig.4) so 820/26,000 equals 3% getting sued over a course of 10 years? Seems worth it. Figure.4
  6. How is GPA calculated?

    Have you noticed a trend? Do most programs not calculate the F in? Is it somewhat 50/50 or do most have policies regarding repeated grades?
  7. Job Offer but Upcoming Interview

    Was it a phone interview?
  8. How is GPA calculated?

    For instance if I failed political science 3 years ago- got it expunged, and retook it and got an A.... Would the F be calculated into my grades? I got straight As after that with one B... I am in RN school right now... Is there a form where you inpu...
  9. How is patient satisfaction measured in a patient that is comatose their entire stay in the ICU? This is in regards to billing and reimbursement based on patient satisfaction...
  10. First year nurse. Thinking about leaving field altogether.

    What about pmhnp ?
  11. RN Refresher: Trying to get back into the field after 5 years

    You can get hired in the VA NOT being a veteran? I had no idea!
  12. Regret becoming a nurse....

    Hahaha... I'm in nursing school... Once I'm a nurse I'm taking that money to seed businesses
  13. Incident

    Its always your fault... Keep taking full responsibility for your patients But if anything happens and you have to explain to a supervisor, don't be too quick to take full responsibility
  14. Future Nurses are Brighter Than Ever

    Its fine with me.. I studied incredibly hard, got straight A's and scored in the top 1% of TEAS test takers nationwide... I'm in San Diego... I sacrificed a lot of my social life to make this happen
  15. MiraCosta Nursing Fall 2020

    I'm in. Toodles