What procedures do CRNAs do regularly?


What procedures or skills do CRNAs do regularly?

(And would you give an estimate of how often- for example Intubation 3x/day, arterial lines 1x/day, resuscitation 1x/month)

Central/arterial line placement?




Nerve blocks?


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It really all depends honestly. If you do a ton of trauma you will have higher resuscitation numbers, if you do alot of OB you will have higher epidural numbers, etc. Intubations can fluctuate as well. Some days you may do 10 general cases where you have to intubate all of them and other days you may only do one 12 hour case and do 1 intubation.

For example I do a lot of CV so there are weeks I'm averaging 8-10 central lines and alines. Many cases do not require either of those but if you do alot of hearts you will.

If you work OB, most likely no lines. If you work in a surgery center, maybe no lines, but lots of regional. Do lots of trauma, you do lots of resuscitation. And on and on. Infinity variety. No right answer to this question.