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Which States have the most Independent CRNA Scope of Practice?


Which states allow CRNA's to practice most independently?


Or which states have the broadest CRNA scope of practice?


For example- states where the anesthesiologist is more hands off or where CRNA's are allowed to have more authority and freedom during their cases?

Iowa is usually considered to have the best conditions for CRNA practice.  But there are a lot of states now with no supervision and with CMS Opt-Out.

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On 12/2/2020 at 9:17 AM, yourgoodneighbor said:

Wow thanks this is awesome! 

That map is not entirely accurate. Take Texas for instance, very restrictive. You need a physician to "delegate" providing anesthesia before you can do it. Have fun getting prescriptive authority.
Same with MS, AL and GA. 
So while you may not need to be "supervised", it's not independent practice/full practice.