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    Feeling lost, need advice

    Background: I moved out of state for my first job on a Trauma floor and while the staff was great, the patient population was just too heavy for me to handle. I was constantly feeling overwhelmed and on top of that, wasn’t sleeping well at all (I was on night shift) and I was extremely homesick. I struggle with depression and anxiety and one day before going in, I absolutely lost my mind and was strongly contemplating suicide. Luckily my roommate was there to distract me and keep me company but at that point, I made the decision to move back home where I had more family and friends to serve as a support system. While I’m glad to be moving back, I’m now struggling with feelings of failure and wondering if going into nursing was a mistake. I’m worried that it’ll look terrible that I left my job so soon (2 months in) but I truly could not see myself lasting longer. I’m just feeling lost and would appreciate any advice/guidance I could get about moving forward.