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    New Grad: Dream Job in the ICU and I Hate it....

    @Nurse Carol I agree with you, I have tried a different preceptor but I do feel that ICU is not for me. It has been a bit of a jarring realization to come to, especially since now I have to rethink my plan that I've been on track for since my junior year of high school. I had a couple conversations with my manager, but nothing is official yet, but I do plan to try med-surg or even outpatient first before completely giving up. I've been stuck on my plan for so long, it didn't occur to me to try out different fields to see what I may like. Hopefully that will save me a lot of stress.
  2. I am a new grad in an 8 bed ICU. I have had no bedside experience as a nurse other than clinicals, but when applying for this job I was told they did a great job supporting new Grads. I was matched with a super nurse as a preceptor, and I hate her. She is a perfectionist ( which is understandable with ICU nurses) but even the other nurses on our floor agree that she is can be very abrasive and does everything perfectly. I have been with her for 3 months and each day has been terrible. I tried to stick it out because she is a wonderful nurse and I learn a lot. But every day I am talked down to and humiliated in front of my peers. I dread going into work now and I feel like I have no one to talk or connect with. Alongside that, I feel overwhelmed with the requirements of being an ICU nurse. I was unsure if I should wait and see how I manage with another preceptor or if I should just request a transfer to a med surg floor. My long term goal was to go to CRNA school within the next couple of years for financial and personal reasons but now I am rethinking nursing altogether. I used to love it and helping my patients, but now I feel like I'm just a task punching bag. I feel that I'm becoming depressed and I'm running out of people to turn to. Any advice or anyone understand where I'm coming from?