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GeninRN has 2 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in med/surg.

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    Sentara Rehire Policy

    Hi, I recently accepted a position with Sentara Norfolk general, unfortunately, due to recent events, I am unsure if I will be able to work there. I just accepted today but my family issues arose today as well. If I were to deny an offer after I just accepted it would I be placed as un-rehireable? Especially if I was not even able to begin?
  2. I am a new grad in an 8 bed ICU. I have had no bedside experience as a nurse other than clinicals, but when applying for this job I was told they did a great job supporting new Grads. I was matched with a super nurse as a preceptor, and I hate her. She is a perfectionist ( which is understandable with ICU nurses) but even the other nurses on our floor agree that she is can be very abrasive and does everything perfectly. I have been with her for 3 months and each day has been terrible. I tried to stick it out because she is a wonderful nurse and I learn a lot. But every day I am talked down to and humiliated in front of my peers. I dread going into work now and I feel like I have no one to talk or connect with. Alongside that, I feel overwhelmed with the requirements of being an ICU nurse. I was unsure if I should wait and see how I manage with another preceptor or if I should just request a transfer to a med surg floor. My long term goal was to go to CRNA school within the next couple of years for financial and personal reasons but now I am rethinking nursing altogether. I used to love it and helping my patients, but now I feel like I'm just a task punching bag. I feel that I'm becoming depressed and I'm running out of people to turn to. Any advice or anyone understand where I'm coming from?