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Nurse Jen is a BSN, RN and specializes in School Nursing.

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  1. Nurse Jen

    Do you ever meet with parent lawyer?

    Big Old NOPE!!!
  2. Nurse Jen

    Stomach Pain for 3 Weeks

    Thank you for all of your thoughts. The doc did finally get a stool sample and parents are waiting for results.
  3. Nurse Jen

    Stomach Pain for 3 Weeks

    3rd grade
  4. Nurse Jen

    Stomach Pain for 3 Weeks

    No diarrhea and no vomiting. Just pain. Looks like the doc is testing for celiac disease now. Crazy timing.
  5. Nurse Jen

    Stomach Pain for 3 Weeks

    Advice to see if I am missing something. Student with abdominal pain for 3 weeks following a diagnosis of flu. No vomiting and no diarrhea. Not a frequent flyer. Cries in pain and because missing class. No distension, soft belly. Bowel sounds present. No radiation of pain. No increase in pain with movement. Having regular BMs. What are we missing?????? I am not trying to diagnose (well.....) but there has to be something that we are missing. Student has been to doc but they are stumped also.
  6. Nurse Jen

    CBD Administration in School? Policy?

    Not legal in our state so we cannot administer it.
  7. Nurse Jen

    Dental day

    We use a mobile dentist to come and see all students with permission from the parents. It is awesome!! Most of my students have not seen a dentist ever and they receive wonderful care. They can conduct cleanings, screenings, x rays, extractions, fillings, etc. There should be one in your area if you google it. Best thing ever for these kiddos!
  8. Nurse Jen

    When do I tell them?

    Our district sends out a form to complete that states whether you are returning the following year. IMO I would give them a heads up around April or May. That way if they hire someone you can have some time with them to train so they are not blindsided in August.
  9. Nurse Jen

    Altered MD Excuse

    Same here. I can verify with the DR office the correct information. After that the parent needs to come forth with a corrected form.
  10. I have learned in my years of school nursing that every teaching degree must have come with a minor in medicine. LOL!!!
  11. Nurse Jen

    Lice found, but not on head

  12. Nurse Jen

    Clearing bathroom odors

    I like Clorox Odor Defense. Neutralizes the smell quickly. It is an aerosol so you can't use it with students in the room though.
  13. Nurse Jen

    Getting an intern!

    She is a nursing student and she is a certified CNA. I love the idea of having her help with teaching a class. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I never have help so this may be a blessing!
  14. Nurse Jen

    Getting an intern!

    I am getting an intern next semester and want to know if you all have any ideas on how to best utilize her. She will be here 10 hours a week. The intern is a certified CNA at the moment so I know her scope of practice limits but I want to make the most out of her time with me. Other than running kids back to class or helping with screenings, what else can I do to maximize her experience?
  15. Nurse Jen

    Flu is CRAZY

    27 cases in my entire state this week
  16. Nurse Jen

    Happy Thanksgiving

    We are in session Monday and Tuesday also...will be the longest days ever!!!! I feel as though you are all my co-workers! Enjoy your break!

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