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  1. stonepod

    Question: PN bridge to RN with a repeated course

    Thank you for your post. I have read this section of their website a lot. You are right, it doesn't say you are automatically disqualified but mentioning upgrading tactics told me that it doesn't accept repeats. I know I read that on their website. I did write them and I am waiting for a reply. Again, thank you.
  2. stonepod

    Question: PN bridge to RN with a repeated course

    Out of 4.0. Been on the honors list every semester except for the semester I failed a class
  3. stonepod

    Question: PN bridge to RN with a repeated course

    You mentioned in another thread that you didn't have problems with uoit when you applied. What year did you apply and what was your GPA if you don't mind me asking. They have it posted on their website that they don't do repeats and if you don't have a competitive avg you can do uni upgrades
  4. stonepod

    Question: PN bridge to RN with a repeated course

    Thank you for your insight, it makes me feel better hearing this. I've been panicking lately because I don't want to be held back from bridging due to a tiny little mistake (got 58% in patho). My situation is EXACTLY like yours. I went to GBC too, I was on the honors list every single semester with the exception of second semester due to the failed class. I have not failed anything else either. I did email admissions of my concern last week and now I'm wondering if that was a bad idea to point out my failure? But I assume they will catch it regardless of me mentioning it. I don't know I'm just going to submit my application now and hope for the best
  5. Hi, I Graduated a PN program with a 3.2 GPA because I had failed and repeated Patho in the second semester of a PN program. I understand Cent/Ryerson + UOIT do not accept repeated courses, which is incredibly frustrating. There are mentions of taking University electives to count as credits towards the application, but I am unsure how to go about this? if anyone has any experience and can share their recommendations. Thank you
  6. stonepod

    UOIT RPN-RN average? 2020

    How serious are they with repeated course on transcript
  7. stonepod

    CPNRE November- December 2019

    The exam contains 165 marked questions and 5 unmarked questions for future tests. I wrote mine Oct 2019 and it literally says that on the instructions before you begin and on all the cno/cpnre materials.. Please everyone read. Very. Carefully.
  8. stonepod

    Failed CPNRE twice!!!

    You can get this book from public library for free! But it's also a wonderful resource to have as your own! Mosbeys or Saunders. They're both great and it's just a preference. I used mosbeys and passed the first time. But I also watched YouTube video of common diseases and interventions etc.
  9. stonepod

    Failed CPNRE twice!!!

    Perhaps online/Skype classes are not working for you and you need a sit in instructor? You mentioned you did the cpnre prep guides, did you mark yourself in each section? How did you perform? Try to get 80% on each test before you book your appointment. I mainly used mosbeys prep guide and then did the cpnre prep guides. I jumped straight into the quizzes, I didn't bother reading the chapters unless I performed badly on the practice tests. I would then read the rationale for each question regardless if I got it right or wrong. Read each question very carefully, I felt a lot of the options were a giveaway. What area did you not do well in? They send you a summary of how you did. If it's certain questions in 'fundamentals' then focus more on questions under that category Take all the time you need, don't overdo it, you got this and good luck
  10. stonepod

    Best GTA/Ontario RPN Program?

    Apologies for many, many grammar typos (sad face)
  11. stonepod

    Best GTA/Ontario RPN Program?

    I’m happy you’ve had a positive experience with GBC thus far, but that does not mean everyone else did and wonder why all the “hate” exists. It exists simply because it was an awful school/administration for PN students. A few things I’ve experienced over two years. I was a January start in a PN program at GBC. Right away our profs told us that “this is the best school for nursing because we are Downtown central and we have the BEST placement options all in Central Toronto” this was later backed up by program administration. · The majority of professors are outright rude and cannot teach. They simply show up, read word for word off a slide and call it a day. · We had 5-10 questions on exams that were based on the material we had yet to learn/g over. · During lecture/lab for nursing skills course we had teachers and their skills assistants constantly contradict each other in how we should be performing certain skills. They all had their own ways of doing things and pushed on us when they taught us – then when we got confused or frustrated with how or which method we should use to perform the skill during tests we were told “forget what we shoed you, just follow potter and perry. BUT YOU DIDN’T SHOW ME P&P METHOD. L One example is, priming an IV line with meds. We were shown both methods of back-priming and gravity method – however, we were told to back prime whenever there is medication involved and will only be tested on back priming. So, we follow this method. NOW Comes sim lab- we get a case where we have to prime an IV and add medication as a secondary line – to we go ahead and back prime while demonstrating during this simulation test. Once the simulation was done, the instructors yell, I mean shout “why would you back-prime???? You should be following P&P why are you doing it this way? Do you think you are experienced enough to perform this skill this way??” So, we are stunned at the language as a class, we all try to explain that in skills class we were taught this and showed the P&P method and that we are just doing what we were told by other professors. But they did not care and said regardless of what a professor teaches you, you should go by P&P (I stopped making sense here because I’m getting angry just typing this up. This situation continued for a whole year, it was stressful and frustrating because we didn’t know how to perform which right method of skill to) and yes, we complained to the dean and administration several times. They were either on vacation or showed a lack of interest. As mentioned, I was a January program start, so that meant our program went through the summer. Come summer, we have our regular professors for the first 7 weeks and random summer hire prof for the last 7 weeks. This caused a lot of problems with the style of teaching and how in-depth they taught. In pharmacology, one prof who was hired for 7 weeks flat out refused to allow us to review a test because she didn’t write the test and doesn’t care to go over issues with the questions. Towards the end of the semester, a lot of the seasonal hire professors gave up on teaching and just pointed out which slides will be on the test instead of actually teaching. Then, come the test questions. A lot of the tests are recycled from previous terms – that’s FINE however they don’t go over them before handing them out. Over the two years, there were SO many typos and one question appearing more than once on a test it was a joke. One test had 3 of the same question – so the prof took them off and screwed us all by weighting each remaining question a higher grade. On a final exam, we had cross-match questions- there were 9 of them – the prof had the answers right there on the exam. The End result? She removed all 9 questions from the exam and now we had 9 fewer questions, thus the rest weighing more (this affected a lot of our grades)!! If an exam question was typed and made up by the professor – it was always a confusing one and poorly written. When you reviewed the test afterward and read the question out loud to them, they got confused themselves and couldn’t figure out the right answer. (majority got these questions wrong). Again, no changes were made to your final grade. We found several instances on our tests where we chose the right answer based on potter and perry or other book materials, we were marked wrong because the professor had made that question themselves and feel that the right answer was what they had chosen, not what nursing books advise. When it came to consolidation, the administration was so disorganized, that we all received our placements a few days prior to the start of semester. We also received a meet and greet notice with a date and time which was sent to us the NIGHT before. A lot of us had to scramble to cancel work, bring their kids with them or were just unable to show up – and then got a lot of attitude from the clinical instructor for not showing up. we were not clear how many consolidation hours we had to complete as we were provided with several documents regarding clinical and they all had different # of hours on them, the math on how many hours per week did not add up to any of the TOTAL number of hours that were required to graduate. When we asked for clarification, we were told to stop emailing them and read the course outline and clinical handbook file for answers. We tried to explain and show proof of contradicting documents with different hours – they said its “410” as in like DUH, how could you not know that??? (this number was also not clear nor listed on our documents.) Also, some consolidating students were told they would get something (placement) close to home. Instead, some had to travel 3 hours one-way to get to them. Majority of placements were outside the city during the summer and the answer we were given “we have to compete with other schools to keep placements” – I was told by several hospital units that they don’t accept GBC students anymore because the placement office is disorganized and not nice to work with. This is all I remember for now. I wanted to cry out of frustration for the entire two years. We were constantly treated like we were idiots, but that was the result of poor planning and administration – they were SO disorganized and unapologetic. I would do anything to beg every student to just not go here.
  12. Hi, I was wondering if anyone recommends taking post-grad certificate courses for a recent graduate RPN student? Will it look better on a resume? have you done any courses? do you feel it is necessary? Thank you
  13. stonepod

    How long did you study before writing CPNRE

    Thank you for this. I'm 3 weeks away from writing my cpnre and I feel that reading chapters isn't helping me. Did you feel that doing practice questions then grading yourself and reviewing week areas truly helped? You're the only person who has talked about not reading chapters and passing. I just want to do test questions everyday instead . Thank you for your time
  14. Hi everyone, As the title asks, I'd like to know how long you guys studied before writing your CPNRE and passing the first time? I'm anxious I'm not spending enough time studying between part-time work. I try for 5 hours a day for 5 days a week, I'm scheduled to write OCT 3rd. Of course, everyone is different, but any info into this would be great. Regards,

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