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Calm and collected

Calm and collected

Psychiatric, hospice, rehab
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Calm and collected has 45 years experience and specializes in Psychiatric, hospice, rehab.

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  1. Calm and collected

    Hoping They're Not the Last Words

    Your heartbreakingly beautifully written narrative touched me. It shows a nurse who, despite seeing the constant illness and often death, still holds on to compassion. I thankfully retired just before the pandemic hit but I am proud of colleagues lik...
  2. Calm and collected


    I followed a similar course as you CNA-LVN-RN. I took a break while my kids were little ( after working as LVN for 3 years) I went back to get my RN at 36 and that worked just fine. I worked another 20 years as an RN. So being 27, you have lots of t...
  3. Calm and collected

    Rapid response

    Thanks everyone for your comments.
  4. Calm and collected

    Rapid response

    Okay- I have a question for my very highly educated fellow nurses. I took my 98 year old father to the ER 10 days ago for respiratory distress. He was previously ambulatory, able to walk with a rolling walker, alert and oriented x4. He had severe whe...
  5. Calm and collected

    Questionable actions that make you go hmm?

    One of my favorites- during my stint in SNF as RN charge had a medical records clerk write : masculine degeneration every.single.time when coding diagnoses ( days of paper charts and books as reference) instead of macular. Got mad at me when I tried ...
  6. Calm and collected

    When Should I Retire? My Struggle

    I retired 3 years ago this month. I loved my work as a hospice nurse but felt I was missing too much time with family and a newborn granddaughter. No regrets at all.