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  1. dianeroseg

    The Evolution of Diabetes

    Covid vaccines should be a choice not a mandate. https://www.ahna.org/ Practicing lifestyle balance with better choices to avoid HPA axis, and Cardiometabolic syndrome and other hormonal imbalances and hormonal problems is key when it comes to ...
  2. dianeroseg

    The Evolution of Diabetes

    I call this health shaming. Although food is just one variable in diabetes, it has the greatest impact, when mindful eating habits are considered. It can be difficult to be around those who do not share the same passion about wellness. Stay connected...
  3. dianeroseg

    The Evolution of Diabetes

    Diabetes is not just a word, it is an evolutionary process that affects all organs, glands, and tissues. I learned the hard way while working night and day shifts, that my disorderly eating habits were creating chaos with my hormones and my thinking ...