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wcnbrn has 27 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Neonatal/NICU/Women's Health.

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  1. Age vs Years Nursing

    49 years old, RN for 25 years
  2. University of South Alabama WHNP

    Good luck to you too!! Thank you!
  3. University of South Alabama WHNP

    Thank y’all for your insight. I was just accepted into the Fall WHNP at USA. Nervous and excited to start! Wendi
  4. University of South Alabama WHNP

    Thank you so much for the great Info! I appreciate you taking the time to respond! It is such a great help and good to know about the summer vs fall start date. I wish you the best as you finish up your studies!
  5. Hi everyone, I am in the process of applying for the University of South Alabama WHNP. I am looking at Summer of 2020 or Fall of 2020. I have been a Neonatal/NICU/Mother-Baby RN for 24 years. Excited but scared at the thought of returning to school....