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  1. Good luck with your interview and be yourself.   If you’re not from the upper Midwest the faculty will help you round out your experience.  They will help you get peds, regional blocks, rural hospitals, metro settings etc. My family member is a third yr student set to finish May 2020 so I can speak of the clinical sites and the time commitment etc.  Don’t stress about picking the right setting.  The first year is in Sioux Falls for didactic.  Some commuted from Fargo, Iowa weekly. Others did relocate and did clinical in Sioux Falls. No right or wrong answer.  

    1. Alwayslearning258

      Alwayslearning258, BSN, RN

      Thank you! I appreciate the encouraging words along side the wonderful things I hear about Mount Marty’s program. I’ll stick to what I know and hopefully they will see me as a good fit!


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