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  1. no, I'm saying that I already took the pre-reqs
  2. I'm in the LPN program and I know the first semester is just 3 prerequisite classes. Does anyone know, if I already did those classes, do I have to wait to start PNU classes in the fall semester? Or can I start them this spring?
  3. I have a PO Box so I haven't checked the mail yet. Has anyone else applied for LPN?
  4. @Abesse yeah, when I talked to an advisor she told me that if you apply for RN and don’t get in, and there is still room left in the LPN program, they will automatically offer LPN to those with the highest rubric scores that didn’t get into the RN
  5. @M27ny Just curious what you ended up doing??
  6. I’m applying for the spring 2020 LPN program. I wanted to go for RN but I don’t want to do the evening program since it’s 3 years long. But I also don’t want to wait to apply to the fall 2020 RN program, because if I don’t get in then I just wasted a year. So I’m wondering if anyone knows, if I get into the spring 2020 LPN program, can I still apply for the fall 2020 RN program and switch programs if I get accepted?